Golfer Claire Hogle is bathed in sunlight for inspiring message

Claire Hogle selfie
Claire Hogle showed off her golf skills in a string bikini on the beach. Pic credit: @clairehogle/Instagram

Claire Hogle is one more influencer who seems to have found a profitable niche on social media: golf.

The blonde beauty has followed in the footsteps of “the OG Insta golf girl” Paige Spiranac, as well as Bri Teresi, amassing a comfortable 850,000 followers.

Though golf is her main aesthetic, she occasionally posts other things and recently shared a series of bikini shots from the beach.

Claire went for a more artistic look than the usual kneeling in the water or standing confidently on a boat, having taken a large mirror with her.

She got fantastic sunlight that flattered her skin tone as she stared intensely into the mirror looking lost in thought. Her blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders behind her and it had a few small braids throughout, while her makeup was soft and included a natural bronzed color.

Her bikini was a black, pink, and white striped knitted material with a simple string top and bottoms that looked more like a skirt. She also had a white cardigan hanging down her arms to possibly protect her from the chill on the beach.

Claire was feeling pensive as she wrote a long caption to give her followers a bit of inspiration as they go into 2023.

She wrote, “the constant scrolling of mindless, empty content on a daily basis, working a job you don’t feel inspired by, and remaining around people who you don’t resonate with are all basic ways we may not be choosing our best life on a chronic basis.”

She further explained that she’s taking time to care for herself and her mental health to get those “big puzzle pieces” right in her life.

Claire Hogle supported San Diego artist Melissa Medina

At the bottom of the post, the golfing beauty revealed the mirror she used was actually made by San Diego-based artist Melissa Medina, who calls her store Sacred Solutions Art.

She uses pieces of the natural earth in her creations, including sand and gemstones.

Her first collection of 2023 was called Out of the Dark and featured pictures with an array of things from the earth that honor the balance between the light and dark in all of us.

At the beginning of March, she shared the newest items in her collection: handmade manifestation journals. They are each covered with gemstones and healing crystals and all have a bit of sand from the San Diego beach.

Claire shifts her career to focus more on social media influencing

Though she’s not considered a professional golfer, she does come from a golf family and played for the California State University San Marcos team.

Once her college golf career was over, she began pursuing influencing much harder, and clearly, it was a great idea because she’s becoming more and more famous on social media each day.

As for how she plans out her posts, she told the New York Post that there is no strategy and she just posts what her followers seem to be enjoying.

She said, “I kind of just play it by ear, I like to see what people are liking, see what people enjoy what I post and what not, and then I’ll kind of just go from there.”

Keep an eye on Claire’s Instagram page for more golf content, including instructional videos and discount codes.

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