Golf influencer Grace Charis shows off her fairway style

Close up of Grace Charis
Grace Charis showed off her golf swing in her latest post. Pic credit: @itsgracecharis/Instagram

Grace Charis is taking the golf world by storm, one Instagram post at a time!

The stunning influencer turned heads with her latest post, featuring a slow-motion video of her absolutely crushing a golf drive.

Donning a white TaylorMade golf visor, a fiery orange top, and a sleek black miniskirt, Grace is giving us major fashion and fitness goals.

But let’s be real, it’s that golf swing that has everyone talking.

With a fluid motion, Grace pulls the driver out of her bag and unleashes a powerful swing that would make Tiger Woods jealous.

Her subsequent celebration — arm in the air, foot up to the hip — shows Grace is living her best life on the fairways.

It’s no secret that Grace is one of the hottest golf influencers out there, with nearly a million fans on Instagram alone, but with posts like this she’s making sure everyone knows she’s got the golf skills to back it up.

The golf fandom is taking notice. Her latest post had racked up more than 42,000 likes at the time of writing, with hundreds of comments from fans.

Grace attends the Super Bowl

Golf is also not the only sport Grace loves. She posted at the weekend on her Instagram Stories showing she attended Super Bowl LVII in person, watching the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles.

Grace Charis at the Super Bowl. Pic credit: @itsgracecharis/Instagram

Grace is building a lucrative fanbase

Grace isn’t just a pretty face with a killer golf swing. She’s smart, too. She knows how to work the camera and engage with her fans, constantly keeping them on their toes with her latest golf videos and fashion choices. She often posts rounds she plays with friends on her YouTube, and is famous for her eye-catching outfits on the fairways.

She is also known for her infectious personality. From the way she carries herself on the course to the goofy faces she makes for the camera, Grace is always bringing the good vibes.

With her rapidly growing fanbase, Grace is hot on the heels of other major golf influencers like Paige Spiranac and we wouldn’t be surprised if she soon starts being able to count her followers in the millions.

Having such a large following in such a lucrative niche means Grace has also built a ready-made business to make money through endorsements, advertising, and other endeavors.

Even if she never makes it on to a professional course to play, she’s already made a name for herself as a trendsetter in the golf world, and despite not playing on the professional circuit she will no doubt inspire more women to pick up a club and get in on the action.

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