Golf influencer Bri Teresi is ‘consumed by golf’ on the green

Bri Teresi close up
Bri Teresi sizzles on the green. Pic credit: @briteresi/Instagram

Golf star Bri Teresi swung into graceful and powerful action on the green, and she did so in style.

Bri donned a teeny miniskirt with spandex shorts underneath that showed off her long legs.

She paired the skirt with a tightfitting white top that allowed the camera to capture her sculpted shoulders.

Her white shoes nicely tied the look together and gave her extra support.

Bri’s bright blonde hair was pulled out of her face and into a messy yet stylish and athletic bun.

The athlete’s environment was nearly as lovely as she was, with the bright greenery around her and a blue sky up above.

A voice clip played over the video that said, “This consumes my entire life.”

The professional golfer drove home the theme of her post even more with her caption that read, “Tag someone whose life is completely consumed by golf ⛳️😜.”

It certainly makes sense that Bri is obsessed with the sport, and the benefits of her hard work are clearly paying off.

Bri Teresi models for Colleen Kelly Designs

Bri’s success as a golf star has also led her to partner with some fashionable clothing brands.

She struck multiple poses in a metallic pink swimsuit that highlighted her fit physique to model for Colleen Kelly Designs, which hand-designs a variety of swimsuit options.

The bright pink swimsuit featured halter top staps that ran past her mid-section and left room for her toned belly to breathe. It clasped together with a clear snap on the bodice and included a strap that went around her waist like a belt and tied in a knot on her hip.

The model captioned her post, “New campaign for @colleenkellyswimwear 💕💧 I’m obsessed with this swimsuit 😍 Which photo is your favorite?”

The brand name was also printed over each image to bring awareness about the brand to viewers.

Bri looked amazing in the Crystal Mist Plunge Suit, which retails for $119. It’s part of the amazing new 2023 collection that Colleen Kelly Designs recently dropped.

Colleen Kelly Designs has a wonderful variety of swimsuits with unique cuts, shining fabrics, and bright colors.

The brand was likely happy with the promotion, as Bri shared it with her 1.4 million followers.

Bri Teresi shares three drills to improve golfing performance

Bri has entered the world of modeling and brand partnership in huge part due to her incredible golf skills. Luckily for the world, she’s been generous enough to share some tips.

The influencer posted a video with golfing coach Rick Smith to explain three drills that have done wonders to improve Bri’s golf swing.

The first drill she demonstrated was called the hands forward drill, and it has helped her to not have a “chicken wing.” The second drill was the right foot back drill, which has helped Bri become “less vertical and more round.”

Her coach explained that the third and final drill has helped her improve the most. It was the left heel-up drill that helped give more power and speed to Bri’s swing.

Rick is clearly an expert coach, and Bri said so in her caption. She wrote, “3 golf drills that will improve your golf swing FAST with world famous multi Major winning golf coach @ricksmithgolf ⛳️.”

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