Goldie Hawn is in the best shape ever as she bounces on a trampoline to show off fitness

Goldie Hawn on the red carpet
Goldie Hawn looks stunning, rocking all-black spandex as she posts an exercise video. Pic credit: ©

Hollywood legend Goldie Hawn has been proving that she is in fantastic shape, as she showed off various exercises to help her fans stay physically and mentally fit.

The 76-year-old The First Wives Club has also proved that age is just a number, as she looked incredible in a tight spandex outfit for a fun workout video.

Goldie has been encouraging her fans to improve their mental health and physical well-being by performing just a few simple exercise routines.

The actress is head of The Goldie Hawn Foundation, a charitable organization that created the MindUP program to aid children in managing stress and anxiety while at school.

However, Goldie reckons people of all ages can benefit from a little MindUp, and this includes doing exercise. So, she posted a lengthy video on Instagram showcasing several simple routines.

Goldie wowed her fans while clad in all-black spandex with her hair up and looking fabulous, as she declared it to be, “Keep your mind up Monday!”

Goldie Hawn performed a super fun workout video

The fun video showed Goldie looking fit and healthy as she jumped up and down on a trampoline. The scene then switched, and we found The Christmas Chronicles star pumping her guns with two wine bottles. She explained, “If you don’t have weights, just use a couple of bottles of wine.. they’re the same thing,” she assured her fans with a giggle.

Fans also saw Goldie going for a walk when she recommended that we try walking backward as this forces us to use a different part of the brain. And with a laugh, she warned us to watch out for oncoming traffic.

Goldie finished the video by performing some meditation and wished everyone a great day.

In her lengthy caption, Goldie explained the importance of physical exercise on an individual’s mental well-being. She informed her followers, “Physical exercise can help boost our mood, concentration, and also help us achieve a positive outlook on life.”

Goldie also assured her fans that even small amounts of exercise could help a lot. She wrote, “low or moderate intensity exercise is enough to make a difference in our mood, behavior and thinking patterns.”

Goldie Hawn fans quickly told the actress how much they ‘love’ her

Among the many fans who left appreciative comments and emojis under the post was fellow actress Resse Witherspoon who wrote, “I love you, Goldie 💓”

Countless other fans echoed this sentiment. “Love you 😍” and “You are the bestest 💖” were just a fraction of the other comments.

Comments on Goldie Hawn IG page
Pic credit: @goldiehawn/Instagram

Goldie has an enormous following on Instagram of 3.4 million followers, and many of them loved this post, which quickly racked up nearly 120,000 likes.

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