Ginger Zee’s fans petition for the GMA personality to star in Barbie 2: ‘You were made for the part!’

ginger zee youtube video
Ginger channeled her inner Barbie this week on GMA. Pic credit: @jedfoundation/YouTube

Meteorologist Ginger Zee may have another career to fall back on if her gig at Good Morning America doesn’t end up working out.

The beloved morning television personality recently showed off her fun side during a GMA segment as she paid homage to a popular movie character.

In honor of the Oscars, Ginger participated in GMA’s Oscars after-party on air and had some fun dressing up as Weird Barbie – a character played by Kate McKinnon in the 2023 hit movie Barbie – and she totally nailed it.

Ginger posted several photos and videos to Instagram this week, showing off her hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

In her first post, Ginger showed off her short, platinum-blonde wig, scribbles on her face, and disheveled appearance in several slides.

In the caption, Ginger wrote, “My Oscar’s carpet was WEIRD😉watch TOMORROW on @goodmorningamerica … it’s our Oscar’s after-party and guess who they thought would be a GREAT stand-in for Weird Barbie?😳😂😂 couldn’t agree more. Lookout Kate McKinnen…”

Ginger uploaded another post, this time sharing video footage of herself set to the tune of What Was I Made For? by Billie Eilish from the Barbie movie.

Ginger showed off her flexibility as she stopped to strike several random poses before posing alongside her GMA colleagues, Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan.

“What was I made for??? Playing Weird Barbie. See you on @goodmorningamerica for our Oscar’s after-party!” Ginger captioned the upload, also tagging the team responsible for her makeup, hair, and casting.

Thousands of Ginger’s fans and followers liked and commented on her post, and some even suggested that she play Weird Barbie as a character.

Ginger Zee’s fans encourage her to channel her inner Barbie

@djcharlie13 told Ginger she “nailed” the part of Weird Barbie and suggested Barbie 2 starring Ginger.

“I’m sure they could write a script where you’re her lost twin or something,” he added.

“Omg you were [really] made for it,” penned another fan of Ginger’s. “If they will ever make Barbie part 2 you should apply.”

Ginger played along with the suggestion, replying, “weird Barbie on Broadway 😂.”

ginger zee's fans' comments on instagram about weird barbie
Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

“Barbie 2 – Natural Disaster?” read another witty comment from a fan.

Once again, Ginger proved she was on board with the suggestions and wrote back, “raises hand…”

Ginger dressed up as Barbie once before

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time Ginger has channeled her inner Barbie Doll.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, the 43-year-old posed inside a life-sized Barbie Doll box ahead of the Barbie movie premiere in July 2023.

In the caption of her photo on Instagram, Ginger hinted that she would be able to get into character as Weird Barbie in the future.

“@samwnek thinks I could definitely double for ‘weird Barbie’ (character played by Kate McKinnon in @barbiethemovie ) — I agree,” she captioned the post, adding, “The only @barbie I would want to be 💞💞💞 #barbie #weirdbarbie.”

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