Ginger Zee under fire for ‘ruining’ Valentine’s Day with her planet-saving tips: ‘You sound like a whackjob’

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Ginger’s critics think she’s a killjoy. Pic credit: @MedCircle/YouTube

Ginger Zee always looks for ways to save the environment, but her critics think she’s taken it a bit too far this time.

The Good Morning America chief meteorologist recently shared some information about the $26 billion industry that is Valentine’s Day.

Ginger uploaded an Instagram Reel ahead of the weekend, pointing out that despite its popularity, Valentine’s Day can be “heartbreaking for the planet.”

For starters, Ginger noted that imported roses and carnations from countries like Colombia add to shipping-related carbon dioxide emissions.

Instead of ordering flowers for loved ones this Valentine’s Day, Ginger suggested some alternatives.

Ginger recommended purchasing houseplants or starter seeds from a local small business to start a garden, making homemade, plastic-free, recyclable gifts and cards, or giving experiences as gifts rather than concrete items.

In the caption of her video, Ginger wrote, “Valentine’s Day can be heartbreaking for the planet. Show the Earth some love and rethink the way you gift.”

Plenty of Ginger’s fans and followers were on board with her Valentine’s Day recommendations.

Ginger’s critics accuse her of ‘ruining’ Valentine’s Day

But others in the comments section weren’t exactly thrilled with her ideas and felt as though Ginger took her love of Mother Earth a step too far.

“Now ruin Valentines Day!” complained one Instagram user, adding, “I feel bad for your husband.”

ginger zee's critics comment on her valentine's day instagram post
Not everyone agreed with Ginger’s Valentine’s Day gift suggestions. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

“You need to learn when to speak and when to stay silent,” began @ph.il1024’s comment.

“This is one of those things that makes you sound like a whackjob,” they continued, calling Ginger’s recommendations “just plain silly.”

When another one of Ginger’s followers joked they should tell their significant other they love them with a fern, Ginger loved the idea.

ginger zee responds to an instagram user on her valentine's day post
Ginger responded to one of her follower’s witty remarks. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

“That would certainly be my preference 😍,” she responded.

Ginger presses forward with her environmentally friendly practices despite online criticism

This is the second time recently Ginger has come under fire for her Earth-saving measures.

As Monsters and Critics reported, the 43-year-old GMA personality is participating in the #NoNewClothes challenge on social media.

It’s been 19 months — and counting — since Ginger has purchased any new clothing items or shoes. It’s an effort to crack down on fast fashion and preserve the environment.

Ginger is still wearing a pair of Ugg boots she’s owned for years that have holes worn into them.

Instead of buying a new pair, Ginger plans on having them patched. Her naysayers think she’s pushing her efforts a bit too far and feel she deserves to splurge on some new, quality footwear.

Clearly, Ginger remains unbothered by the negative feedback she’s received and will continue to encourage others to join her eco-friendly endeavors.

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