Ginger Zee taking yet another GMA hiatus — Here’s why the ABC meteorologist will be absent this week

ginger zee twitter november 2023
Ginger has another Good Morning America hiatus coming up this month. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/X

Good Morning America meteorologist Ginger Zee will be missing yet again from her morning slot this week.

The beloved morning television personality has missed quite a bit of work lately but with good reason.

Between out-of-town business trips, celebrating Christmas, and an illness that had her down for the count, Ginger has been a busy lady.

So, what is it that’s keeping the wife and mom of two from delivering the nation’s forecast this week?

As it turns out, Ginger is taking some time away from her GMA duties to celebrate her 43rd birthday.

On X (formerly Twitter), Ginger replied to a fan who tagged the ABC Chief Meteorologist, telling her, “Omg I will miss you the rest of the week on GMA!”

Ginger Zee explains her upcoming absence on Good Morning America

Ginger retweeted her fan’s sentiment, replying with an explanation for her upcoming absence.

“Taking a few days ahead of my next trip around the sun but appreciate every day I get to spend with you all for sure!” Ginger noted.

While Ginger enjoys some time away from her meteorological obligations, she’s also preparing for something else outside of work.

Ginger is gearing up to run for a good cause

As she announced in an Instagram post this week, Ginger is training to compete in the 2024 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon.

Ginger will not only benefit from the cardiovascular benefits of training and competing in a half marathon, but she’s also raising money for a good cause while she’s at it.

In the caption of her IG post, Ginger explained, “I’m running a half marathon!!! Wouldn’t do it if it were not for a great cause – I am raising money for @stillirun – a group focused on mental health and healing.”

“Would love for you to click on the link in my bio to support and please drop any comments/suggestions about training for a race like this,” she added.

Mental health is a topic near and dear to Ginger’s heart. Just 10 days before she began her job as GMA’s morning meteorologist at ABC Studios in New York City, Ginger checked herself into a psychiatric ward after multiple suicide attempts.

Running has become a form of therapy for Ginger, helping her to cope with her mental health battles.

Last year, Ginger opened up to PEOPLE, telling the outlet that running has become a form of therapy she “didn’t realize” she needed.

“I believe that running kept me above rock bottom many times,” Ginger confided.

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Kae Brand
Kae Brand
3 months ago

Very proud of you keep that positive attitude and do what you feel is good for you and your family. We miss seeing you but understand.