Ginger Zee shares update with fans while GMA star is ‘stranded’ — ‘Hoping to be back with you all’

ginger zee GOOD+ Foundation's NY Bash
Ginger and her husband, Ben Aaron, haven’t been able to return to NYC. Pic credit: © Nacion/StarMaxWorldwide

Ginger Zee is struggling with a major setback in her plans.

In the wake of some recent absences on morning television, Ginger has been unable to appear on Good Morning America this week, and this time, it’s for reasons beyond her control.

The ABC chief meteorologist shared that due to some circumstances beyond her control, she’s stuck outside of the country.

Because of this, she is unable to attend to her meteorological duties on GMA, much to her fans’ chagrin.

Ginger updated her Instagram followers this week, letting them know that she, along with her husband, Ben Aaron, is “stranded” on a tropical island.

The mom of two uploaded a screenshot from the resort where’s currently staying along with a message explaining what is going on.

Ginger Zee is stuck on a warm, sunny island as she faces back-to-back flight delays

“Flight cancelled… now delayed until late night TOMORROW,” Ginger told her 1.1 million fans and followers.

She continued, “These are the moments I’m grateful for. An open room and the ability to pay to stay…”

As it turns out, where Ginger is holed up isn’t the worst place to be — she’s spending all of her time at The Morgan Resort + Spa in St. Maarten.

ginger zee updates her instagram followers about her travel situation
Ginger uploads a snapshot from her St. Maarten resort, where she’s currently stranded. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

“We might be here until further notice,” Ginger continued before tagging Delta Airlines’ IG handle to encourage them, “You can do this. I believe in you.”

On Tuesday, Ginger updated her fans in her Instagram feed, including a gorgeous photo of her surroundings at the resort, featuring palm trees, blue skies, and an infinity pool — not a bad place to be stranded.

“Delayed then Cancelled flight last night, now delayed 7 hours today… but I would say it’s not THAT bad,” read Ginger’s caption.

“Hoping to be back with you all tomorrow bleary eyed but with a little tan on,” she added.

Ginger and her husband, Ben Aaron, update her fans on their flight situation

While Ginger was hopeful to be back at Times Square studio in New York City, she shared some more somewhat disappointing news on Wednesday, letting her fans know that she’s still stuck in St. Maarten.

Ginger’s husband of 10 years, Ben Aaron, began recording from their hotel room bed, telling her followers, “Once again, our flight was canceled due to…”

Ben turned the camera to Ginger, who jokingly told her fans, “Nothing!”

Ginger and Ben explained that since the forecast had been clear, they weren’t sure why their flight was canceled yet again. Ginger suspected that perhaps the airline was waiting on a part, accounting for the holdup.

Nevertheless, as Ben explained, she wouldn’t be on television again Wednesday. But in the meantime, she’s not complaining about the weather in St. Maarten compared to New York’s frigid temps.

As Ginger told her fans, she’s currently enjoying a passing shower and temperatures in the low 80s with a breeze.

Ginger is soaking up the sunshine as she awaits her return to NYC

Ginger provided yet another update on Wednesday afternoon when she shared a screenshot of her phone as she was waiting to FaceTime with someone.

Ginger’s photo was taken from her balcony, overlooking the turquoise water and sunny skies.

“Coming up on @goodmorningamerica … cancelled flights for two days,” she joked, adding, “‘Stranded’ in paradise😂 I’ll see you in pop news!”

We’re sure Ginger is itching to get back to her usual job delivering the nation’s forecast on GMA, but we imagine that until she returns to NYC, she’s perfectly content soaking up all that St. Maarten has to offer.

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