Ginger Zee shares the secret to her fit physique with a post-workout snap

Ginger Zee up close
Ginger Zee shares workout details. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Good Morning America personality Ginger Zee is a fitness fanatic — and it shows.

The GMA Chief Meteorologist dedicates plenty of time and energy to her physical health to stay in shape, and as a bonus, she looks fantastic.

While delivering the nation’s forecast weekday mornings on GMA, Ginger always looks fit thanks to her exercise regimen.

Earlier this week, Ginger shared how she maintains her toned physique in an Instagram post.

As it turns out, Ginger, an avid runner, also enjoys cycling.

In her Instagram snap, the 42-year-old mom of two posed alongside NYC-based Peloton instructor Adrian Maurice Williams.

Ginger Zee poses with a Peloton instructor following a ‘far different’ workout

Ginger was clad in her post-workout attire in the photo, wearing a dark blue tank top, dark green shorts, and a pair of neon yellow tennis shoes.

Ginger went makeup-free for her workout and pulled her hair into a high ponytail, looking fresh-faced and rejuvenated after her sweat session.

In the caption of her photo, Ginger showed her gratitude for Adrian and the rest of the Peloton crew for helping to keep her in tip-top shape with their workouts.

“When your screen comes to life it is a far different workout,” Ginger wrote.

“So many thanks to @adrianwilliamsnyc for the #Thunder45 and to the entire @onepeloton crew : in-person is where it’s at— y’all put on a fantastic show and the studios are stunning,” she added, including the hashtag #peloton.

The Good Morning America Chief Meteorologist is also an avid runner

As we mentioned, Ginger takes her well-being very seriously, and in addition to cycling to maintain her toned legs, the ABC News Chief Climate Correspondent also loves running for its mental and physical benefits.

In fact, Ginger joined her GMA colleagues earlier this month as they ran in the New York City Marathon.

Ginger and her Relay Team — including Linsey Davis, DeMarco Morgan, Kimberly Godwin, David Muir, Robin Roberts, Simone Swink, Will Reeve, Rebecca Jarvis, Deborah Roberts, and Jonathan Karl — ran in honor of Team for Kids.

The group posed for a photo, seen below, in matching neon yellow t-shirts.

As far as Ginger’s mental health is concerned, she’s been open about the effects that running has on her psyche, helping her cope with her depression diagnosis.

Ginger called running a form of therapy she “didn’t realize” she needed in her life.

Earlier this year, Ginger told PEOPLE, “I believe that running kept me above rock bottom many times.”

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