Ginger Zee records herself in the shower to share the unique daily motivational habit that ‘changes’ her day

ginger zee GMA YouTube 2022
Ginger shared the way she expresses her gratitude every morning. Pic credit: @GMA/YouTube

Ginger Zee admits that keeping a journal isn’t her thing, so the Good Morning America meteorologist has found another way to express her gratitude.

Anyone who follows Ginger on social media knows she likes sharing tips and tricks with millions of fans and followers.

Such was the case on Friday when Ginger shared the unique habit she has employed to remind herself to be thankful.

Ginger posted a photo and a video on her Instagram feed while in the shower, explaining how she starts every day by appreciating the good in her life.

The first slide was a photo of the glass in Ginger’s shower, covered in her writing and artwork, featuring the initials of her sons, Miles and Adrian, and two footprints inside a heart shape.

Ginger’s second slide was a video featuring her drawing on the shower glass, showing how she came up with the finished product in the first slide.

The 43-year-old used the side of her fist to draw the likeness of feet, then used her fingertips to add the “toes.”

Next, Ginger added the initials of her sons’ first names above each footprint to symbolize her gratitude for them.

She continued, adding her right and left handprints to symbolize one for herself and one for her husband, Ben Aaron, and hand-wrote the word “Safe” to express being thankful for her safety.

Ginger Zee shares how she expresses thankfulness instead of writing in a gratitude journal

“A gratitude journal is not my thing… so for the last few years, [every] morning – in the shower – no matter where I am (home or hotel) I make two footprints for my boys, two handprints for my husband and myself… and then I write something else I’m grateful for,” Ginger explained in her caption.

“In the moment. Whatever comes to mind,” she continued. “On another area of the condensation, I write an intention for the day. Little habit that has made a big difference. Figured I would share in case you want to try.”

The GMA star’s fans were inspired by her morning routine

Ginger’s Instagram followers were impressed with her morning ritual and in the comments section, she let them know that it makes a big impact on her day.

Some of the adjectives Ginger’s admirers used to describe her share were “lovely,” “great,” and “so sweet.”

In response to ABC News Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis’ comment, which read, “This is so sweet!!” Ginger commented, “and really changes my day 🙌.”

ginger zee's instagram followers comment on her shower habit
Fans celebrate Ginger’s post. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Ginger continued to share her “meditative practices” in her Instagram Story, letting her fans know another way she implements a mind-over-matter way of dealing with stressful situations.

Ginger applies ‘meditative practice’ to get her through a stressful morning

At 12:33 a.m., Ginger snapped a photo of some late-night traffic on the highway.

In her caption, she noted that although she was running late and due at her job at GMA in just three hours, she wouldn’t allow the moment to overtake her thoughts.

ginger zee's instagram story about meditation
Ginger shared a screenshot of some midnight traffic. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

“Using some meditative practice to tell myself it’s gonna be ok… delayed a few hours, now midnight traffic,” Ginger’s caption began.

She continued, “@goodmorningamerica wake-up 3 hours away. But that’s just a moment. A thought. Let it go…”

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