Ginger Zee pulls out ‘whole drawer of receipts’ aimed at critics who accuse her of ‘fear-mongering’ forecasts

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Ginger brought receipts to put her doubters in their place. Pic credit: © Van Tine/StarMaxWorldwide

If there’s one thing Ginger Zee doesn’t stand for, it’s being attacked by critics who think they can do her job better than her.

As ABC News’ Chief Meteorologist, Ginger lives and breathes everything weather-related.

However, a recent disparity regarding hurricane activity caused Ginger to take action and fire back at her critics.

To kick off the weekend, Ginger recorded an Instagram Reel from her car, calling out the disparagers and setting the record straight.

“I put out the hurricane forecast yesterday with the National Hurricane Center’s official numbers that are above average, expected to be a big year for many reasons,” Ginger began.

Next, Ginger pointed to a screenshot of a comment from a critic who wrote to her, “They said that last year and the year before that.. it’s not accurate at all & tired of them even bothering bc they are just flat out wrong and fear mongering.”

Ginger admitted that she found the comment – and many others like it – to be “interesting,” explaining that “if anything, [professionals have] under-forecast this early in the season.”

Ginger Zee brings receipts after critics accuse her and other meteorologists of being ‘wrong’

“So… just take the forecast because it’s actually really good. … And so, I think what you might be misunderstanding is this forecast is for the number of named storms. The number of named storms does not mean the number of storms that hit land,” Ginger explained.

Below a comment insinuating that meteorologists are “always wrong” in regard to hurricane forecasts, Ginger added text over her video that read, “Nope, they aren’t.”

In her Instagram Stories, Ginger continued to defend herself. Above a clip of her Instagram Reel, Ginger wrote, “When I come with receipts…”

ginger zee calls out her haters in her instagram stories
Ginger put skeptics on blast in her Stories. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

In another slide, she included comments, firing back at yet another critic, and this time captioned the pic, “Please know I have a whole drawer of receipts.”

Ginger took her message one step further on X (formerly Twitter), where again she called out the doubters.

Supporters side with Ginger on X

But this time, Ginger received an outpouring of support on the social media platform.

“Most people think they know what they’re talking about with things they clearly don’t understand,” wrote @TheMOWUSA.

“And I’ve got the receipts,” Ginger replied.

ginger zee talks about having receipts on X
Pic credit: @Ginger_Zee/X

Another one of Ginger’s followers added, “Unless you [have] been through a hurricane or tornado, you are going to be skeptical. I live in Texas, those storms are no joke and every warning should be taken seriously.”

@Knucklez64 paid Ginger a compliment, telling the GMA star, “Thank you! I appreciate your work.”

Ginger’s online activity comes on the heels of another social media controversy involving the New York Times best-selling author.

The 43-year-old TV personality has been following the #NoNewClothes challenge for nearly two years, meaning that she hasn’t purchased any new clothing since June 2022.

By taking the challenge, Ginger has helped to preserve Planet Earth, but everyone didn’t appreciate her efforts.

Instead of being praised for saving the planet, Ginger came under fire from critics on X who called her out for “starving” the people who manufacture new clothing.

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