Ginger Zee is a ‘total knockout’ in her Easter-themed attire — See her on-air look that wowed GMA fans

ginger zee youtube 2020
Ginger showed off her Easter-inspired accents ahead of her GMA segment. Pic credit: @MedCircle/YouTube

Good Morning America meteorologist Ginger Zee is ready for Easter.

The beloved morning TV personality often shares behind-the-scenes photos with her fans and did just that to kick off the week.

Ginger posted two pics to Instagram on Monday morning, showing off her on-air look with a fun detail.

The 43-year-old posed in her dressing room inside Times Square Studios on 42nd Street in New York City to snap a selfie.

In the first shot, she showed off her crisp spring attire, clad in an off-white blouse tied at the waist. It was paired with a matching pencil skirt, as she stood in front of her vanity mirror.

The second photo featured her newly painted manicure with pastel colors — each of her nails painted a different color — from pink to blue to purple to yellow and orange.

In the caption of her upload, Ginger wrote, “Ready early enough and before promos (6 am) to take a photo of my Easter egg nails I painted yesterday (Miles chose the colors). How is your Monday so far?”

Many of Ginger’s 1.1 million Instagram followers liked and commented on the post, garnering her plenty of feedback in just a few hours.

Ginger Zee receives an outpouring of compliments

In the comments section, Ginger’s admirers gushed over her Eastery manicure and sophisticated attire for today’s GMA segment.

One such fan called her photos “stunning,” with another proclaiming, “Ginger looks great this morning.”

“Love the outfit and the nails!” added @lisa.lorenz.338.

ginger zee's fans gushed over her outfit on instagram
Ginger Zee fans love her look. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

One of Ginger’s enthusiasts called her a “Total knockout,” and another used a slew of fire emojis in their comment.

“Ginger Zee you always look fantastic,” read another flattering remark.

Continuing to laud the GMA favorite, @galina_112014 added, “Gorgeous this morning.”

While Ginger performs some important work as a certified broadcast meteorologist, her fans often focus on other aspects instead, like her outfits.

Most of the time, Ginger is met with a flood of compliments, but every now and again, her critics come out of the woodwork.

Ginger fires back at her fashion critics

Such was the case last week when a disparager commented on her GMA ensemble, declaring that it was “not a good look.”

Ginger didn’t take the criticism to heart, though. She replied to the critic’s comment and wrote, “Sorry you aren’t a fan! Can’t please them all.”

As Monsters and Critics reported earlier this year, Ginger came under fire when a disparager accused her of dressing “inappropriately” on air.

Ginger wore a throwback Max Mara dress with a nude-colored belt that gave the illusion she was showing off her midriff.

That wasn’t the case, but that didn’t stop the critic from cutting her down, urging her to “Show some class” and to wear clothing that was “appropriate” for her job.

As Ginger pointed out in her reply to the naysayer, she wasn’t baring any skin in her midsection, although it may have seemed so, and she urged the denigrator to take a “closer look” to prove her point.

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Gaynelle Messer
Gaynelle Messer
25 days ago

They r jealous !!!!! Ginger is always dressed. To the nines & always lady like. She does excellent on the weather also..,.