Ginger Zee inspires her fans with ‘stunning’ formal look that’s good for the environment

ginger zee march 18 IG Reel
Ginger’s No New Clothes challenge commitment has impressed her fans. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Good Morning America personality Ginger Zee is teaching her fans that you can look fabulous without breaking the bank or ruining the environment.

The ABC News meteorologist has been following the #NoNewClothes challenge for nearly two years, and she isn’t letting up.

What began as a three-month obligation has turned into a years-long commitment for Ginger.

Ginger recently attended a family wedding and stuck to her guns for her special occasion attire.

Taking to Instagram, Ginger uploaded a carousel of photos from the wedding, and explained in the caption how she managed to look fantastic wearing something borrowed.

Ginger uploaded a couple of shots, one alongside her husband Ben Aaron, as she modeled her mauve-colored gown.

Ginger Zee shows off her ‘borrowed’ fashion find

The 43-year-old mom of two looked beautiful in the form-fitting spaghetti-strapped gown with a thigh slit to accentuate her shapely physique.

As Ginger explained in her caption, “This past weekend we had a family wedding and because I am usually on the run I had somehow missed the note that we were wearing shades of a certain dress…”

“So, once I realized this and couldn’t find one to rent, I turned to the borrow part of life I’ve learned from no new clothes challenge(it will be 2 years in June).”

“@samwnek had the brilliant idea that I post in a female Facebook meteorologists group and @sheasorensonwx came to the rescue.”

“The dress was gorgeous and I was able to look the part for my sisters wedding AND stick with no new clothes. Thanks so much Shea!”

Ginger’s fans are impressed by her environmentally friendly fashion choice

In the comments section, Ginger’s fans and followers remarked on how great she looked and applauded her environmentally-friendly efforts, too.

Ginger’s fans commented how “great” she and her family looked for the wedding.

“OMG and it fit you perfectly and you look stunning as always! Great color on you too btw!” wrote one of Ginger’s admirers.

ginger zee's instagram followers comment on her borrowed wedding dress
Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Another added, “Ginger you look amazing! Oh, and Ben looks handsome as well. You are doing such a great job with the no new clothes mantra.”

In response to another Instagram user’s comment and question, Ginger explained why she began the #NoNewClothes challenge.

Ginger shared that her friend took the challenge, originally posted by Remake Our World, which was intended to be a three-month-long challenge.

Ginger opted to join the movement to protect female workers and “the toll of fashion on the environment.”

ginger zee explains her no new clothes efforts on instagram
Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

“Then I just kept going,” Ginger added.

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