Ginger Zee fires back at critic who accused her of being ‘so much better’ than ‘filthy commoners’

ginger zee rachael ray show
Ginger clapped back at a critic who took her comments the wrong way. Pic credit: @RachaelRayShow/YouTube

Good Morning America personality Ginger Zee started off her Tuesday morning with some harsh criticism.

The 43-year-old was up and at ’em for her early-morning GMA segment and took some time to spread awareness about the rising cost of chocolate.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Ginger shared a video from ABC News explaining how to enjoy a “Climate-Friendly Easter.”

Ginger added in her caption, “We have a story about chocolate prices soaring… I am planning to do one nice item from a local chocolatier to support a local business instead of overdoing the plastic wrapped, mass produced stuff for my boys. Also avoiding plastic wherever possible for the holiday.”

While Ginger only intended to spread awareness and share how she would be doing her part to help the environment with her post, one of her followers didn’t see it that way.

An X user with the handle @labluedoo replied to Ginger’s tweet and called her out for what they deemed was a shot at those “below” her.

Ginger Zee’s post about chocolate is misconstrued by a critic

“Oh you’re so much better than us???” @labluedoo wrote, including a gif from the show Ghosts that read, “Those dirty, filthy, ignorant commoners.”

Ginger took notice of the response and fired back, explaining that she meant nothing of the sort.

“How did I say anything like that?” Ginger asked the disparager.

She continued to explain, “I said I will spend less, consume less and keep it focused on the holiday… also, support a local business. Nothing implied better than… sorry you misunderstood.”

Ginger receives an outpouring of support amid her criticism

Despite the backlash she received from her critic, Ginger was met with even more support from her fans.

John Grubb “rolled his eyes” at the comment, asking where people “get these ideas.”

“I read your post and I didn’t see anything that would lead someone to that conclusion,” he added.

ginger zee's supporters comment on her post on X
Pic credit: @Ginger_Zee/X

“I got zero indication that you were by any means feeling like you ‘were so much better’ than anyone,” added Ethan MacDonald. “Your tweet was nothing but genuine.”

More of Ginger’s followers echoed the sentiment, as Tim from the OC reminded Ginger that “the interpretation of your text is based in the mind of your reader.”

X user @viclyn120 chimed in, “You are always the most respectful in your handling of this type of response.”

ginger zee's supporters comment on her post on X
Pic credit: @Ginger_Zee/X

Ginger is no stranger to online criticism, unfortunately, and she isn’t afraid to reply to her denigrators.

Ginger fires back at a wardrobe critic

As Monsters and Critics reported, the ABC News Chief Meteorologist recently took aim at a disparager who wasn’t fond of her on-air attire.

As Ginger showed off her outfit before taking the stage at Times Square Studios in NYC, one of her naysayers commented that her dress was “not a good look.”

Ginger took notice of the disparaging comment, and rather than fire back with an insult of her own, she tactfully responded, “Sorry you aren’t a fan! Can’t please them all.”

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