Ginger Zee calls out ‘weird’ haters who urged her to cover her ‘wrinkly’ knees with pantyhose

ginger zee TLC YouTube
Ginger’s critics had less-than-complimentary things to say about the GMA star’s knees. Pic credit: @TLC/YouTube

Ginger Zee is a beloved personality on Good Morning America, but that doesn’t mean she is immune from online criticism.

The GMA chief meteorologist’s job is to observe, study, and forecast the weather, but apparently, her critics think she also needs to adhere to their fashion recommendations.

Ginger recently uploaded some screenshots to X (formerly Twitter) from some of her denigrators who said she has “terrible” and “wrinkly” knees.

One of the screenshots depicted a comment from social media. In it, @czaita36 wrote, “While she may have nice legs she has horrible knees. They take away from her look.”

Another social media commenter said of Ginger’s gams, “Knees lookin a little wrinkly, loooonger fabric necessary.”

In response to one of the comments on social media, Ginger fired back, “Hahaha wrinkly knees. Y’all are reaching now!”

Most of Ginger’s X followers took her side and headed to the comments to call out her haters.

Ginger Zee’s fans fire back at critics who took aim at the GMA meteorologist’s ‘wrinkly’ knees

“WhatTheHail!?” asked a shocked fan of Ginger’s.

Another X user told Ginger, “I watch you for your expertise on weather, it really concerns me that people scrutinize you or anyone else.”

ginger zee's X followers show her support amid criticism
Pic credit: @truthcrimefan/@kukor_linda/@SquamLaker/@IveyManwaring/X

“I can’t imagine being so moved by someone else’s physical appearance that I contact them on social media to critique them about it,” penned another one of Ginger’s fans, adding, “Go watch a cat video online or find a new hobby.”

Astounded by Ginger’s critics’ comments, another one of her followers asked, “What the heck?!? Why can’t ppl just be kind?!?”

Ginger comes under fire for refusing to purchase new shoes

Ginger recently found herself on the receiving end of criticism online, but for a different reason.

This time, instead of attacking Ginger’s physical appearance, her naysayers took aim at her decision not to purchase any new clothing.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Ginger is a #NoNewClothes advocate, encouraging others to recycle, rent, or borrow clothing rather than buy new items in an effort to avoid fast fashion.

Ginger proved just how dedicated she is to the cause in a recent Instagram Reel. Ginger was wearing her trusty old Ugg boots and showed off the hole she had worn into the toe.

The GMA personality vowed to patch them rather than replace them, which caught her a lot of heat from critics who felt she was taking the #NoNewClothes movement one step too far.

Ginger has stood firm in her beliefs, though, noting in her video, “When I tell you I don’t buy ANY new clothes … I’m serious.”

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