Gigi Hadid is ‘proud’ of Netherlands Vogue cover shoot

Gigi Hadid poses at the VMAs.
Gigi Hadid looked stunning in a series of photos for the cover of Netherlands Vogue. Pic credit: ©

Gigi Hadid seems to be enjoying her heyday as the 27-year-old mom of one continues to reign as one of the most sought-after models in the industry.

The beauty brought her talents to the cover of Netherlands Vogue recently, and the superstar proved again why she remains a popular choice for agencies and magazine spreads.

Taking to her social media page for epic, multi-series posts, Gigi kicked things off with a stunning black-and-white snap as she posed for the cover shot while clad in what looked like a saran wrap dress.

Further along in the first round of photos, the model sported dangerously pointy heels while rocking sheer stockings and resting her head against a giant soda can prop.

Another snap showed the strawberry-blonde for another cover snap as she looked sensational in a sleeveless leather jacket while spilling a glass of bottled soda down her lips and onto her chest.

The final shots in her first post had Gigi going sheer in polka-dot underwear while seeming to break out of another large soda can and finishing off the first series going full mannequin as she stood in a nude bodysuit with a plastic raincoat on among rows of clothes on a rack.

Gigi Hadid stuns for the cover of Netherlands Vogue

In her second post, Gigi got in touch with her darker, more eclectic side as she posed with freshly-darkened hair.

She zoomed in for a close-up of her flawless face first, showing darkly-painted lips that had an ombre-style look to them as they started off black on top and gradually toned down for a more subtle look on her lower lip.

The next two slides gave a fun look at Gigi’s versatility as a model, with her dark locks having been styled in a dramatic updo with two arced, wave-like sweeps that curved stiffly over the top of her head and a slew of stickers decorated her cheeks and forehead.

Gigi returned to a sleeker vibe in the next shot, showing the stunner looking gorgeous in an off-the-shoulder, angular top, dark trouser pants, tan heels, and super straight tresses.

Throwing in fun pics of herself wearing half-covered glasses and looking ethereal in a white ensemble, Gigi capped off her second post with a marionette pose as she returned to her spiky hairstyle and wore a ballerina tutu as her wrists were wrapped up in blue strings.

For her last post, Gigi went for a more retro vibe as she posed in a peppy and very 1960s-feeling dress that was adorned with white polka dots and white gloves dressing up her arms.

Her hair had returned to her signature-blonde hue and was teased up into a half-beehive that left the rest of her locks wavy and full around her face and shoulders.

Next, Gigi continued the pin-up girl feel as she kept the poofy hair and posed in sheer stockings and a flowy babydoll dress with puffy white balls dotting all around the bodice.

Her last shot gave the whole shoot a pop of color as Gigi looked like the living version of the Statue of Liberty, wearing a ruched, green, shimmery dress with a high-low style that started hip-length on one side before cascading down in an angled design to the opposite side.

A spiky blue crown sat on her head, and her curled tresses had been dyed to match the sky hue of the headwear.

While the young star clearly has reached enough of a star status that jobs likely fall into her lap more often than not, Gigi has also made sure to use her famous name to promote side gigs that are important to her and her career.

Gigi Hadid joined forces with Frankies Bikinis for Frankies Bikinis X Gigi Hadid line

As Gigi works hard on the runways and in front of the cameras for magazine shoots, she also has ensured that she spends time promoting her Frankies Bikinis X Gigi Hadid line.

The model has often posted stunning shots on her Instagram page of the pastel-inspired swimsuits she sells in her collaboration with the brand.

As stated on the Frankies Bikinis website, the partnership aims to provide to the populace with “nature-inspired prints, fresh textures, the sweetest summertime cozies, and even more exclusive children’s pieces for all of our lil frankies.”

A click on the link to Gigi’s line shows a variety of fun, ruffled pieces that harken back to the 60s and 70s with their more classic styles.

The swimwear doesn’t come cheap, with tops alone ranging from $85 to $100 and matching bottoms running for the same prices.

While the site is largely focused on luxury swimwear, some non-swim-related items are sold, as well, such as a $170 Christabelle Ruffle Maxi Dress and an Anabelle Eyelet Long Sleeve Shirt for $155.

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