Gigi Hadid gets cozy to promote new venture

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Gigi Hadid is striking a pose for Elle. Pic credit: © Christopher Smith/AdMedia

Her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio may have fizzled out, but Gigi Hadid has something else to keep her warm during the winter months.

Gigi has been on a roll lately, with several modeling gigs and an upcoming Netflix series, Next In Fashion, which arrives on the streaming platform next month.

On top of her successful career, Gigi also launched a clothing line influenced by her personal style.

The model’s company, Guest In Residence, launched in late 2022 after Gigi revealed she had something big in the works.

Gigi managed to promote her clothing line and discuss her upcoming series in a recent feature by Elle.

The eldest Hadid child just shared an image from her Elle shoot on her Instagram Stories, where she struck a pose wearing stylish briefs from her company. The picture allowed Gigi to do something she has long excelled at, modeling. Simultaneously Gigi raised awareness for her brand, potentially selling her merchandise.

Gigi Hadid stuns in Guest In Residence for Elle

The black and white shot showed Gigi with her arms crossed over her chest.

The picture, taken from a ceiling perspective, featured Gigi on a bed. Her blonde tresses had wild curls placed perfectly around her head. 

Gigi Hadid is getting cozy to promote new venture
Gigi Hadid is promoting her cozy new venture, Guest in Residence. Pic credit: @gigihadid/Instagram

Gigi looked beautiful and chic, wearing high-waisted briefs by Guest In Residence, which retail for $175. She paired the undergarments with luxurious Loro Piana socks, retailing for $825.

The ex of Zayn Malik was bare-faced and beautiful as she highlighted her modeling abilities.

In addition to the photoshoot, Gigi also did an interview with Elle, where she discussed mental health, therapy, and setting boundaries.

Gigi Hadid talks about paparazzi and mental health 

According to Gigi, she and her sister Bella have received mental health benefits from seeing a therapist.

The California native revealed that she learned some valuable tools in therapy, like setting boundaries.

Gigi said, “Sometimes you have to be assertive, and that doesn’t mean that it’s rude. It’s setting a boundary.”

As Gigi explained, she used these tools when dealing with the paparazzi.

She continued, “Setting boundaries, even if that’s with the paparazzi—going over and saying, ‘Hey, what’s up? I know we’ve seen each other from across the street for five years, but when I’m with my kid, please don’t point the camera this way.'”

Another famous paparazzi avoider has been Leonardo DiCaprio. However, it seems a dislike of photographers wasn’t enough to keep the Titanic actor and the Versace model together.

Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio no longer dating

Gigi and Leonardo were first linked by paparazzi last September. 

The rumors came after sources spotted Leonardo and Gigi at New York Fashion Week. Although Gigi is 27 years old, some fans speculated that she and Leo were dating.

However, sources recently revealed that the two “fizzled out.”

A source told PEOPLE, “She hasn’t seen him for a while. She just decided that she was done with him.” 

The same source continued, “They are at very different places in life. She prioritizes being a mom.”

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