Gianna Santos: Who is Jonah Hill’s fiancee?

Gianna Santos is engaged to Jonah Hill.
Gianna Santos is Jonah Hill’s fiancee. Pic credit: Facebook/gianna.santos.5

Gianna Santos and Jonah Hill are engaged. After news of their engagement was confirmed on Tuesday, interest in Hill’s new fiancee started to grow.

Last August, Jonah and Gianna were spotted out together in New York. That was the beginning of their public relationship, and just a little over a year later, the two are planning a wedding in hopes of spending the rest of their lives together.

Who is Gianna Santos?

Gianna Santos appears to have a very creative streak in her. From fashion to makeup, she is on top of trends that are sweeping every festival. Her about me page from her blog explains that Santos is intrigued by creative pursuits.

She writes, “I have come to appreciate the nuances of gender/cultural/societal trends and strive to translate them into an appealing art form for a specific client-base. Having a keen understanding of the essence of each product as well as an appreciation of what the client desires helps me achieve my ultimate goal which is to have a genuine connection with my audience.”

GIanna’s LinkedIn profile shares that she is currently the content manager for VIOLET GREY. She began the job in Apil 2019 and is still working there. The website reveals it is a place where several insider Hollywood affiliates have collaborated to bring the best of the best beauty products. They use the VIOLET CODE, which is a set of standards that is used to determine which luxury beauty products will be available for purchase.

Before that, Gianna Santos held a variety of jobs since December 2005. She has worked at J. Crew, a restaurant, and even as a production intern for HBO. Much of Santos’ job history has been a few months here or there, with KITH NYC holding on to her the longest time at almost three years.


Where did Gianna Santos go to school?

Gianna Santos attended Fordham University from 2007 through 2011. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Communication and Media Studies. Based on her work timeline, Gianna was attending Fordham and holding down a few short-term jobs at the same time.

Given her love for fashion and styling, Gianna Santos appears to be on the ball when it comes to what to wear. On her blog, she revealed that her motto is “less is more” when it comes to both styling and life.

Currently, there is no information about when the engagement happened or where it took place. Jonah Hill and Gianna Santos have been spotted in various places over the last year but both have kept a low profile when it comes to their relationship.

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