Gezary Matuda stuns in outside mirror selfie for end of Panama trip

Gezary Matuda looks stunning in teeny bikini.
Gezary Matuda enjoys her last couple of moments in Panama. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Gezary Matuda looked stunning as she posed for one last mirror selfie during her very special getaway.

The beautiful Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion stood in front of the patio mirror as she snapped one last scenic shot before her departure.

Gezary took some much-needed time away from her vigorous training schedule to instead indulge in the serenity surrounding Panama.

The athlete seemed to enjoy her trip as she accumulated a variety of fun selfies and short clips from her trip while she smiled and laughed away.

Gezary was kind enough to share the timeless moments with her 205k Instagram followers.

The 39-year-old looked breathtaking as she posed amongst the gorgeous greenery of Panama.

Gezary Matuda poses for one last Panama selfie

Gezary kept her followers in the loop by posting some rather picturesque shots as she let them experience the Panama adventures from a distance.

In her most recent post, the jiu-jitsu star uploaded a picture and a short clip of her standing in a patio mirror with some scenic green views in the background.

She sported a pretty black bikini top that highlighted her toned abs. The bikini was a simple yet classy fit that hugged her body perfectly.

For the bottoms, Gezary decided to go with a green and white floral skirt. The bottoms featured white flowers scattered amongst the pieces, while the underlying color appeared forest green.

The athlete then styled her vacation look with a beautiful pink and white flower placed in her hair and tucked behind her ear.

Gezary left her long, dark hair in its natural state as it flowed beautifully down her body.

As she posed, she held onto her iPhone, which was covered with a lime green case.

Gezary gave her fans a slight smile and wrote, “What a Great Trip! 🙃🪷🧘🏻‍♀️ Till next time Panama #wanderlust#panama#love#explore#dream#discoverearth.”

Gezary Matuda gives her fans some helpful advice, reminding them of how important they all are

In another recent post, Gezary shared an important message with her followers. It wasn’t a lengthy message. However, it was sweet and simple.

The caption of the post was a kind reminder to let everyone know how important they are and how unique each and every person is.

Gezary wrote, “Always remember you’re unique, just like everyone else 🫶❤️‍🔥✨ Imperfection is beauty, madness is a genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring 🙃.”

In the short clip, Gezary showcased the three different versions of herself, which hinted at the overall message; every version of yourself is unique and beautiful.

The athlete was captured in her jiu-jitsu uniform, her regular streetwear, and then in her fancier ensemble for a special night out.

Gezary’s message was simple but beautiful, which also encapsulated her personality as well.

It is no surprise that Gezary is highly-respected in the industry as she’s noted for her fine skillset and well-rounded character.

Fans supported the inspiring post as it received 8k double clicks and over 100 loving comments.

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