Gezary Matuda stuns in bathroom selfie

Gezary Matuda close up
Gezary Matuda is stunning as she shows off her incredible curves for a gym selfie. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Gezary Matuda certainly wowed her fans in her latest share as she snapped what seemed to be a late-night gym selfie.

The jiu-jitsu champion looked like an absolute queen as she stood in the mirror and lightly flexed her muscles.

Gezary was captured wearing an all-black fit while she stood and posed in the spacious, modern-styled bathroom.

The athlete held her lime green phone in her hand while she sported a pair of white earbuds in her ears.

As she snapped the mesmerizing selfie, the Brazilian beauty inputted the green check mark emoji at the bottom of the shot to indicate her success at conquering another hard-hitting workout.

Luckily for fans, Gezary uploaded the stellar selfie onto her Instagram Story, sharing it with her 200,000 followers.

Gezary Matuda is stunning in her all-black athletic fit

Per usual, Gezary looked fearless and phenomenal while striking pose in the long mirror in front of her.

The jiu-jitsu champ tilted her head to the side while she rest her hand on her shoulder.

Gezary was captured wearing a matching black, two-piece athletic set.

The form-fitting set included a black, low-cut sports bra with two thin spaghetti straps on each side of her shoulders.

She coordinated the sports bra with a pair of black, high-waisted biker shorts accentuating her ripped abs and long, toned legs.

Gezary Matuda stuns for a gym selfie.
Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

As expected, the athlete sported a beautiful, makeup-free face while she tied her long dark locks into a ponytail that swung down to her shoulders.

Once again, the beloved jiu-jitsu champion looked effortlessly gorgeous as she conquered another day at the gym.

Gezary Matuda promotes ALLMAX Nutrition as she shares her workout routine on the beach

In another recent Instagram post, Gezary expressed her admiration for vitamin and supplement company ALLMAX Nutrition.

ALLMAX Nutrition is a vitamin and supplement company focusing on creating high-quality products that deliver exceptional results to all athletes using them.

The jiu-jitsu champ happily informed her fans about how helpful the company’s products were as she was captured using their post-workout powder for this training session.

In the clip that Gezary provided, the athlete was captured working out on the beach as she went through one of her intense training routines.

She geared up in a beautiful two-piece athletic fit accentuating her muscular physique. The two-piece matching set included a blue sports bra which she then paired with some high-waisted athletic leggings that featured cute white polka dots.

Gezary looked to be enjoying her workout routine along the beach as she thanked the team at ALLMAX Nutrition for giving her the much-needed energy to complete the hard-hitting workout.

She captioned the post, “Thank you @teamallmax for boosting my energy and keeping me motivated! The best post-workout ever #isoflex #wheyprotein 😋🥤 #delicious #workout #supplements #allmax #fitnessmotivation.”

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