Gezary Matuda strikes a pose for stunning mirror selfie

Gezary Matuda selfie
Gezary Matuda is gorgeous as she takes a mirror selfie in her athletic fit. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Gezary Matuda has quite a magnetic presence, and she continues to prove that time and time again through her stellar shots on her social platforms.

In another recent share, the jiu-jitsu champ kindly shared a good morning selfie with her fans.

Gezary stood in her lofty room as she posed in her full-length mirror.

As she did so, the Brazilian beauty rocked another lovely athletic set before she was off to train.

As usual, Gezary looked effortlessly stunning as she went all natural for this selfie, with no makeup spotted.

More so, the athlete shared this amazing mirror selfie with her loyal followers via her Instagram Story.

Gezary Matuda looks stunning as she poses in her vibrant athletic fit

As she beautifully posed, Gezary sported a low-cut, yellow sports bra and a pair of bright white, high-waisted biker shorts.

Both colorful pieces looked amazing on the athlete as they accentuated her toned and muscular figure.

She also added her blue tie-dye sweater, which she held in her hand next to her thigh.

To accessorize, Gezary wore a long, colorful necklace that hung perfectly along her chest.

The jiu-jitsu champ finalized this training fit by pushing her dark locks to one side of her body while her naturally wavy hair further cascaded down her back.

At the bottom of the Story, Gezary even wrote, “Bom dia vida” which translates to “good morning life.”

Gezary Matuda mirror selfie
Gezary Matuda shows off her toned physique as she snaps a quick mirror selfie. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Gezary Matuda teams up with Monkey Tape to promote her favorite recovery product

When Gezary isn’t consumed by her vigorous training schedule, she’s instead helping promote some of her favorite companies.

In another recent Instagram share, the athlete was tagged in a post with Monkey Tape.

Monkey Tape is a company that is deeply rooted in the jiu-jitsu community, helping athletes with recovery and overall empowerment.

The company sells various colored tapes and body soaks that are all geared toward helping athletes.

A portion of the sales goes towards helping various charities, such as veterans with PTSD, Autism awareness, and cancer research.

With that, it made complete sense as to why Gezary immediately gravitated toward this company, as it not only helps her with her daily recovery but simultaneously helps her community.

In the post she was tagged in, the athlete was captured holding a bottle of Monkey Tape’s helpful body soak.

As she did so, Gezary explained all of the great benefits that come with buying the product.

As the video continued, Geazary was seen wearing her black and white jiu-jitsu uniform while she happily promoted one of her favorite post-workout products.

The post was captioned, “@gezarymatuda makes sure her recovery is taken care of with our Recovery Soak! The best uses the best with Monkey Tape ??.”

Fans can now browse Monkey Tape’s full selection by following them on Instagram or heading to their official website.

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