Gezary Matuda shows strength with beach headstand

gezary matuda selfie
Gezary Matuda showed major flexibility. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Gezary Matuda unleashed a new skill with fans as the Brazilian beauty showed flexibility and strength with outstanding results.

The five-time jiu-jitsu champion has shown unrivaled skill in the ring, defeating opponents left and right with ease.

As it turns out, Gezary also has talents in other domains, with flexibility and core strength, which she showed in a recent social media post.

Gezary took to her Instagram to share the light-hearted clip with her followers.

It takes a lot of talent to be a world champion, and Gezary revealed herself to be a well-rounded athlete.

The athlete wore a colorful string bikini as she balanced her body with an insane inversion.

Gezary Matuda hits the beach to show her flexibility

The clip began with Gezary already on her head, with her legs in the sky and her hands cemented into the ground.

Behind her, a white sand beach and blue skies added to the summery ambiance of the shot.

And just when fans may have thought Gezary was finished, the athlete went ahead and did an impressive split. Gezary then completed the video with style, adding a reverse crunch to the mix.

Gezary let the video speak for itself, choosing a few yoga-oriented emojis as her caption.

As a gifted athlete, it comes as little surprise that brands have lined up to secure Gezary’s services. 

Gezary Matuda promotes ALLMAX and shares fitness secrets

One brand, ALLMAX, has become one of Gezary’s main sponsors. She has even declared herself as a member of Team ALLMAX in her Instagram biography.

A recent post by Gezary was quite unique because she promoted ALLMAX and shared a few fitness and diet secrets. Gezary has achieved world champion status, so her advice holds a lot of weight with consumers.

The beauty showed a video featuring a grappling session as she hit the mats with a sparring partner. The champion started the training session on the right foot, mixing up some ALLMAX Isoflex– a whey isolate protein powder. Since protein is essential to building muscle, a protein supplement like ALLMAX Isoflex goes a long way before a workout.

While the clip was entertaining, her caption was insightful. Gezary shared a few of her tips for success, including sleeping early and staying hydrated.

She also highlighted the importance of stretching and exercising, providing great knowledge to her followers.

Gezary’s caption read, “What gives you energy to start the day? Sleep early 😴 Drink a glass of water before your coffee 💦 Stretch 🧘🏻‍♀️ Exercise🏋🏻‍♀️ Boost my #energy with @teamallmax the best #vitamins and #supplements 🥷 Avoid having sugar until lunch.”

Gezary continues to show new skills and fans are here for it.

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