Gezary Matuda shares bathroom selfie before beach day

Gezary Matuda is enjoying a beach day. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter Gezary Matuda knows how to work hard and play hard. 

A recent social media post saw the five-time world champion about to have some fun, wearing a new bikini.

Gezary has shown a fondness for bathroom selfies, and her latest share was no exception.

The fighter snapped the shot before a beach day, and it looked like she was ready to make the most of the favorable weather.

She shared the picture on her Instagram, where she has amassed 209,000 followers.

The post showed Gezary wearing a white and black Bella Brava bikini while getting ready for a beach day. 

Gezary Matuda promotes Bella Brava bikinis

Brazilians are known for their fabulous beaches and stylish swimwear, and Gezary just blessed fans with a look at a line from her native country.

The athlete tagged Bella Brava in her post, praising the company for its wonderful creation.

She wore the Bella Brava Calcinha Nara Cross waist bikini, with a retail price of $37.74. The stylish ensemble was monochrome with black straps and a white waistband.

Bella Brava, launched in 2014, is a Brazilian bikini brand that sells handmade vegan bikinis. Their mission is “rescuing the old fashion for knitted bikinis” with a “retro touch and vibrant colors.” Their pieces are all constructed of 100 percent polyamide, a durable and comfortable fabric.

Gezary completed her look with a New York Yankees baseball cap, keeping things casual and trendy.

As fans could see, Gezary has a dynamic personality.

In addition to her competition success, Gezary has also started jiu-jitsu classes and workshops to help spread the knowledge of the sport. 

When she isn’t busy working hard in the gym, Gezary has become a source of inspiration. Social media posts have seen the athlete advocating for body positivity and self-love while sharing passionate and inspirational words.

And while Gezary seems to be an optimistic person, even she has bad days.

Gezary Matuda reflects on 2022 with vulnerable post

Gezary shared a recap of 2022, which was a great year for the athlete. She posted a delightful montage on Instagram with highlights from the past 12 months. What made Gezary’s post unique was her inclusion of low moments.

The clip began with Gezary rocking a black string bikini as she romped on the beach.

Next, the video saw Gezary in a white bikini as she played beach volleyball with friends.

She also included tasty-looking treats such as shrimp and sushi. There were a few emotional moments with Gezary in selfie mode as she cried.

Gezary’s caption read, “Happy New Year everyone!! 2022 wasn’t just sunshine and rainbows but I’m grateful for every lesson and memories! May the New Year be filled with happiness and health Wishing you and your loved ones all the best in 2023 💜🙏🤗.”

At the end of the day, Gezary picked herself up and showed resilience — a great quality that has taken the athlete far.

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