Gezary Matuda proves her volleyball skills in white beach bikini

Gezary Matuda takes a selfie.
Gezary Matuda looked fit and toned while playing volleyball in a bikini. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champ Gezary Matuda appeared to be having a blast while taking time off from her usual routine of throwing punches and kicks.

The 39-year-old stunner, who has a black belt in martial arts and holds the title of World Champion, took time off from working her moves on the floor to promote one of her favorite products.

Going for a very summery vibe in a stringy white bikini that showed off her slender frame and muscular abs, Gezary shared a beachside video as she told fans about the Isoflex powder mix.

Seen strolling along the sand in what followers might surmise was located in her home country, Gezary looked glowing and ready for some fun in the sun as she talked over the video with tidbits about the protein blend.

Touting the brand while strutting her stuff, the athlete shared that she likes to “stay active all day” and therefore requires good supplements to keep her body fueled up for the day.

The beauty gave her promo time extra pizzazz by throwing in a volleyball session with some pals, making sure to show followers exactly how toned and fit she was as she jumped and leaped while wearing her two-piece.

Gezary seems to be living the good life in her warmer country, having taken time out of her schedule again recently to show off more of her bikini body.

Gezary Matuda gets tropical in a bikini

Just over a week ago, Gezary gave her followers another glimpse of her physique as she posed for a selfie while rocking a brightly-colored bikini.

Seen from the abs up, Gezary gave a closed-mouth smile at the camera as she tilted her head to the side, letting her dark tresses hang loosely around one shoulder.

The bikini looked to be made of soft, plush fabric, with the bust cups of a sun-yellow hue and the shoulder straps light blue.

Gezary Matuda sizzles in a black bikini for vacation mode

Sticking with her fall theme of proving that summer is always the season in countries close to the equator, Gezary showed off her figure in another stunning two-piece.

Enjoying a vacation away in Bali, Gezary was the image of a tropical beauty as she posed on a grassy hill with the ocean behind her.

She wore a hibiscus flower in her hair, tucked at the top of her ear, and gave a side-view of her figure while rocking the beach-worthy bikini.

With an off-the-shoulder design, Gezary’s top perfectly hugged her curves and let fans see her taught arms and insanely flat stomach.

The tiny bottoms matched her black top, with two thicker straps going around her hips to let her muscular legs jut out underneath.

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