Gezary Matuda promotes Yuki wetsuits with beach photo

Gezary Matuda promotes wetsuits and rocks a bikini. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Gezary Matuda took a break from kicking butt to promote a line of wetsuits, looking fabulous and fit in the process.

The Brazilian beauty has amassed quite a following on social media, with 210,000 Instagram followers on the platform. 

The champion has often shared positive messages as she continues to promote mental health.

For Gezary’s latest share, she posted a bikini picture as part of a promotional deal with Yuki Brand.

Yuki Brand creates custom-made wetsuits for those with watersport inclinations, and since Gezary spends a lot of time in the ocean, she was a natural fit for the brand. 

And luckily for Gezary, the brand was a natural fit for her, as she rocked a Yuki Brand sweatshirt perfectly over her swimsuit.

Gezary Matuda stuns in bikini for Yuki Brand promotion

Gezary looked stunning in a candid shot as she ran her fingers through her hair and peered off into the distance. She rocked a gray bikini top with matching stringy bottoms as she stood on the beach with a surfboard at her side. 

The champion fighter donned a Yuki Brand sweater over her bikini for some product placement. 

In a caption accompanying the post, Gezary tagged the photographer who captured her beauty and Yuki Brand.

Gezary Matuda’s fitness classes 

The Jiu-Jitsu fighter has won multiple titles, winning the IBJJF World Championship and getting a black belt. She has also become a highly sought-after instructor in her sports.

Gezary created a self-titled website where fans could book her for private instruction. Fans around the world can connect with Gezary through Zoom for a sweat session if they so desire.

As Gezary explained on her site, the purpose of her fitness classes is to increase energy and motivation. She also said that she wanted to help others feel the same passion for fitness that she has enjoyed. 

After a training session with Gezary, fans can consume the same workout shake she has promoted throughout the years.

Gezary Matuda promotes ALLMAX fitness classes 

Gezary has been a big proponent of ALLMAX, a respected name in the supplement industry. 

In particular, Gezary has promoted protein shakes by ALLMAX, which are essential in rebuilding muscles after a hard workout.

Recently, Gezary promoted IsoNatural by ALLMAX, a whey protein isolate with 27 grams of protein in each serving.

Additionally, IsoNatural by ALLMAX features the trendy sweetening agent stevia for those avoiding excess sugar.

Gezary’s caption shared some of her fitness tips, which were certainly a treat from the fighting champion.

Her caption read, “What gives you energy to start the day? For me it’s: Sleep early 😴 Drink a glass of water before your coffee 💦 Stretch 🧘🏻‍♀️ Exercise🏋🏻‍♀️ Boost my #energy with @teamallmax the best #vitamins and #supplements Avoid having sugar until lunch.”

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