Gezary Matuda is stunning in a crochet bikini for beautiful beach day

Gezary Matuda poses for a picture.
Gezary Matuda showed off her sensational figure while spending time on the beach clad in a skimpy two-piece. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Gezary Matuda just keeps on proving why she is one of the best both in her field and on her social media account.

The stunner took time out of her busy training schedule to show off her incredible physique while appearing to enjoy time in the sun in a crocheted bikini.

Letting her luscious, long, ebony locks flow freely in the tropical Brazilian breeze, the 39-year-old stood tall in her two-piece, the skimpy garment making her demure 5-foot-3-inch frame appear nearly endless as it hugged her curves in all the right places.

Turning to face the camera with her head while her body remained sideways, Gezary looked sensational in her black-and-orange attire as she showed her tan, muscular legs and flat midsection.

Seen standing on a postcard-perfect beach, the blonde sand decorating her bare feet with a smattering of specks, Gezary’s tresses looked to be captured mid-motion as she smiled broadly for the lens.

Dark shades covered her eyes and she gripped a coconut in her hands, bringing a breath of summer to the dreary winter days that a large part of the world just to her North is experiencing.

Gezary Matuda shows off her bikini body on the beach

Posting a two-snap series online, Gezary first gave followers a look at her ocean time in full color, letting the clear blue skies, turquoise waters, and imperfection-free shoreline do most of the talking.

Despite the stunning backdrop and surroundings, Gezary managed to hold her fans’ attention as she stood front and center in her swimwear.

A crocheted tie dangled from the knot that looped across her hip, hanging down along her upper thigh as her tan skin remained the predominant focal point.

Teal nail polish decorated her fingernails, which lightly touched the husk of the fresh fruit beverage she held in front of her.

The bikini top, which matched her bottoms, sported a crocheted triangle of orange yarn that curved from her shoulders to the bottom of her bust while black shocks of material added a little extra coverage on the sides.

Her second snap showed the same photo, but in black and white for a more stylized and simplistic view.

While the athlete and social media sensation clearly maintains a firm hold on her fans with her dazzling posts, the star also has ensured that she uses her star status to help promote the brands she herself uses and believes in.

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Gezary Matuda supports Allmax Nutrition

Gezary can often be seen using her Instagram page to help promote Allmax Nutrition, which seems to be one of her favorite products to use in her own training recovery.

As shared by Monsters and Critics this month, Gezary took to her social media clad in gear that all sported the brand’s name, while also holding an Allmax drinking bottle.

The champion fighter proceeded to go into a workout in the short video, continuing to face the camera to let the Allmax label be seen and finishing off her set by taking a swig from her Allmax protein shake.

Earlier in December, Gezary rocked a vibrant red-and-blue top and matching shorts as she posed in a seated position and gripped her Allmax protein shake container.

She later let the camera zoom in for a close-up of the bottle, letting the label come into crystal-clear view while her figure blurred out in the background.

As detailed by the company on its website, Allmax attests that they “are a trusted brand of athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking for the highest quality supplements to optimize their workouts and achieve their fitness goals. Our product ingredients are of the purest quality, meet the pharmaceutical grade, and are lab-tested.”

Allmax provides a variety of nutritional items to the populace, including a multitude of protein powders along with supplements and meal replacement shakes.

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