Gezary Matuda is gorgeous for makeup-free good morning

Gezary matuda for selfie
Gezary Matuda is awake and enjoying the moment. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion Gezary Matuda took a break from defeating opponents to enjoy the simple pleasures of an early morning.

The five-time world champion took to her Instagram to share that she was awake while wearing a fluffy white robe.

Gezary communicated information regarding her Saturday on her IG account, where her 205k followers regularly receive updates from the athlete.

Although the latest update wasn’t action-packed, the post appeared to be well-received, with 4K likes.

The talented athlete kept things classic and simple with a serious look and a black-and-white image.

She revealed in her caption, written in her native Portuguese, “Good morning world, I’m up.”

Gezary Matuda stuns in white robe for a good morning post

Gezary struck a pose from her balcony with one hand near her neck. She sat on a comfy-looking chair on a patio, with her back facing the city lights underneath her apartment. The sleeves of Gezary’s terrycloth robe were rolled up slightly for a casual vibe. Her long dark hair was wrapped in a white towel, perfectly matching her fluffy robe.

The athlete didn’t appear to be wearing anything under the robe, which was partially open. She wore limited accessories, including a ring on her middle finger and a chain necklace.

The post was a far cry from Gezary’s typical action-packed posts with motivational messages and workouts. The calm nature of the post showed that even a top athlete must take some time for self-care and relaxation. For this share, Gezary allowed her natural beauty to take center stage.

However, it probably won’t be long before Gezary delivers another fast-paced video.

Gezary Matuda promotes ALLMAX

Earlier this week, Gezary posted a video while grappling and training. The post also served as a promotion for ALLMAX, the sports supplement she has used over the years.

Gezary has been a proud member of Team ALLMAX, promoting the nutritional supplement quite often.

One product that Gezary has promoted is IsoNatural by ALLMAX. The whey protein isolate has 27 grams of protein in each serving, making it a must-have for muscle recovery. IsoNatural by ALLMAX has stevia as a sweetening agent rather than sugar.

The lack of sugar was an added bonus for Gezary, who revealed why in her caption.

Gezary’s nutrition tip in the caption revealed she avoided sugar after lunch.

Her caption read, “What gives you energy to start the day? For me it’s: Sleep early ?Drink a glass of water before your coffee ?Stretch ??‍♀️ Exercise??‍♀️Boost my #energy with @teamallmax the best #vitamins and #supplements Avoid having sugar until lunch ?.”

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