Gezary Matuda is glowing in her beautiful black ensemble

Gezary Matuda selfie
Gezary Matuda looks beautiful as she effortlessly glows in her black ensemble. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Gezary Matuda certainly turned some heads as she took a break from the beautiful bikinis and sports attire, and instead, she was photographed in a beautiful black gown.

The 39-year-old jiu-jitsu star is a three-time world champion in her beloved sport and is well respected in the industry.

Gezary has worked incredibly hard over the many years to earn her titles as she’s constantly training and practicing.

However, the Brazilian beauty also knows how to appropriately balance her vigorous training schedule alongside her recreational fun.

In her latest share, Gezary was seen doing just that.

The athlete decided to take the fun outside as she posed outside along the vibrant greenery while she sported a one-of-a-kind gown.

Gezary Matuda is beautiful in her black dress

Gezary picked the perfect dress for the occasion as she donned a black high-slit dress.

The masterfully crafted piece was a one-sleeved dress and included a lovely cut-out design in the middle. As she sat on the stairs the dress’s slit traveled up to Gezary’s mid-thigh.

Overall, this staple piece looked phenomenal on the athlete as it perfectly highlighted all of her beautiful, toned curves.

For accessories, the Brazilian beauty kept it simple as she wore a pair of silver, dangly earrings.

Her hair was further parted over to one side while her brown locks beautifully cascaded down her back.

The athlete completed the well-rounded look by sporting little to no makeup, as her complexion naturally glowed in the shot.

She simply captioned the post, “🖤🐼⚡️.”

Gezary Matuda shares workout routine while promoting ALLMAX Nutrition

When Gezary isn’t out having fun along the beach or busy dressing up for special events, the athlete is instead training away at her local gym.

In another post, the jiu-jitsu champ shared a short clip of one of the workout routines that she does to maintain her incredibly toned figure.

For this workout, Gezary decided to focus on her legs as she did various squat exercises with her black weights: abductor squats, sumo squats, and Bulgarian split squats.

After the hard-hitting session, the Brazilian beauty sat on the ground as she made her post-workout shake using her ALLMAX protein powder. ALLMAX is a well-known vitamin and supplement company, which she promotes quite often.

The company offers a wide variety of high-quality products that are all made with premium ingredients, hence why the jiu-jitsu champ gravitates towards its products.

More so, while she drank the tasty supplement, Gezary even sported a black ALLMAX tank top and a branded shaker bottle.

She went on to add a pair of black athletic shorts and a pair of black and white, high-top Vans.

As expected, Geazry left her hair pulled back into a bun while she rocked a naturally gorgeous, makeup-free face.

The post was captioned, “Done ✔️ 🔥 @teamallmax #workout#fitness#supplements.”

Fans should follow Gezary on Instagram to follow along with her fitness journey along with her latest endeavor, and head to ALLMAXS’ official website to browse through all of their premium products.

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