Gezary Matuda hits the beach to talk up her favorite protein shake

Gezary Matuda poses for a pic.
Gezary Matuda rocked a string bikini for a day at the beach. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Gezary Matuda seems to be having the time of her life lately as she continues her social media domination with another stunning post.

The Jiu-Jitsu champion, 39, looked as flawless as ever in her most recent online share as she hit the beach for outdoor time.

Rocking a white string bikini for her outing, Gezary posed for a glamorous shot while promoting her favorite protein shake brand.

Gezary styled her dark locks so that the majority of her hair was swept to the right, arcing over her forehead and down her shoulder.

The left side of her hair was held back in a row of tight little braids for extra pizazz.

Going makeup-free for the beach day, the Brazilian beauty stood out in her white ensemble as the skies above her were dotted with fluffy clouds and patches of blue.

Gezary Matuda poses in a bikini to talk about ALLMAX Nutrition

The Brazilian-born stunner often uses her social media platform to promote her favorite nutrition label.

“I can’t go anywhere without my @teamallmax,” she included in her caption.

A tall black ALLMAX cup sat propped next to Gezary for the shot as she sat on a stone ledge next to the beverage, the beach spread out behind her.

This is far from the first time Gezary has used Instagram to promote ALLMAX, with the athlete having taken to the internet in December to share which protein powder she prefers to use.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Gezary hit the beach again for her post, working in a game of volleyball with some friends to get in her exercise.

Following the sweat session, Gezary plopped a heaping scoop of powder into her blending cup and cut to herself drinking up the final product.

Gezary made sure to display the label of the powder she was using, showing followers that it was the ALLMAX Isoflex mix, which retails on the website for $24.99.

ALLMAX also sells a variety of other products, ranging from vitamins and protein mixes to workout accessories.

Gezary Matuda promotes Yuki swimwear

In another post made this February, Gezary reportedly promoted the Yuki brand as she stunned in a two-piece.

Gezary posed in a grayish-green bikini while promoting the wetsuit label, a surfboard resting near her bare feet.

An open wetsuit top adorned her upper body, letting her flat abs and toned legs shine as she ran her fingers through her hair and gazed off into the distance before tagging Yuki.

A look at the Yuki Brand website shows that the company is based in Japan, with all prices and details in Japanese.

The exact wetsuit top Gezary donned for her photoshoot currently retails on the site for approximately $227 U.S. dollars, while a full wetsuit rings up for close to $714 U.S. dollars.

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