Gezary Matuda hits the beach for incredible ocean view

Gezary Matuda close up.
Gezary Matuda is stunning as she glows along the beach in her bikini. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Gezary Matuda made sure that she didn’t end the week on a bad note as she treated herself to some much-needed beach therapy.

The world-renowned jiu-jitsu champion made her way to the beach, tagging her location as Errejota, which is located in Brazil.

Gezary looked to be having the time of her life as she was captured smiling from ear to ear while she walked along the white sand.

Per usual, the athlete looked effortlessly beautiful as she was styled in a white bikini.

Not only did the shot include one stunning view, but two, as the green mountains towered over her in the background while the sky was crystal clear and remained cloud-free.

Gezary uploaded the picturesque shot onto her Instagram feed, sharing it with her 209,000 loyal followers.

Gezary Matuda poses in her bikini as she enjoys her time on the beach in Brazil

Gezary made modeling look easy as she gracefully posed along the Brazilian beach.

The jiu-jitsu champ sported a white two-piece bikini, which included a classic spaghetti strap top and a pair of cheeky, high-waisted bottoms.

The white bikini set looked amazing on the athlete as it hugged her toned body perfectly and accentuated her six-pack abs.

Gezary coordinated the white beach fit with a green camouflage hat and a simple black bracelet. The Brazilian beauty tucked her long hair into the hat, which further flowed down along her back.

Gezary sported a more natural, sun-kissed face while she simply captioned the post, “🔥🇧🇷.”

Gezary Matuda looks beautiful in black

In another recent post, the jiu-jitsu champ took a break from her vigorous training to enjoy a special night out instead.

Gezary sported a smile across her face while she posed along a beautifully-tiled walkway filled with pretty green palm trees.

The athlete looked like a queen as she was styled in a black, gem-embellished gown. The strapless dress featured a sheer, floral-printed top that hugged her upper body perfectly.

The top of the dress also featured a lacy cutout design along her back, highlighting her toned physique.

In contrast to the shapely top half, the bottom of the dress transitioned into a looser fit as it flared out along her waist and traveled down to her feet.

The Brazilian beauty went on to add a pair of dangly diamond earrings and a matching diamond necklace.

She captioned the post, “About last night 💃🏻.”

Gezary Matuda shares her intense workout routine while promoting ALLMAX Nutrition

When Gezary isn’t out having fun along the beach or busy dressing up for special occasions, the athlete is training away at her local gym.

In another Instagram share, the jiu-jitsu star shared a short clip of one of the workout routines that she does to maintain her phenomenal figure.

For this workout, Gezary decided to focus on her legs as she did a variety of different squats with her black weights: abductor squats, sumo squats, and Bulgarian split squats.

After the hard-hitting session, the athlete sat on the ground as she made her post-workout shake using her ALLMAX protein powder. ALLMAX is an international vitamin and supplement company with whom she partners quite frequently.

The company offers a wide variety of high-quality products that are all made with premium ingredients, hence why the jiu-jitsu champ loves them so much.

While she drank the tasty supplement, Gezary even sported a black ALLMAX tank top and a branded shaker bottle.

She went on to add a pair of black athletic shorts and a pair of black and white, high-top Vans.

The caption simply read, “Done ✔️ 🔥 @teamallmax#workout#fitness#supplements.”

Fans should follow Gezary on Instagram to follow along with her fitness journey along with her latest endeavors.

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