Gezary Matuda goes skintight in red dress for night walk

Gezary Matuda is a lady in red as the fighting champion goes skintight in red dress for a nighttime walk. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Gezary Matuda has never been a stranger to being in the spotlight, thanks to her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills and domination in the sport.

However, the champion has recently been garnering attention for a different reason. 

Gezary has been posted up a storm on social media lately while soaking up the sun and serving looks. She has also shared some nighttime ensembles as she reveals another layer to her personality.

The Brazilian native has posted several montages wearing a bikini or showing off her feminine figure in skimpy dresses.

Gezary’s social media presence undoubtedly has a different tone than many may be accustomed to seeing from the fighter.

Gezary highlighted this contrast in a viral challenge, where she showed herself in street attire and on the mats for her sport.

Gezary Matuda stuns in a skintight red dress

Gezary’s Instagram shares, like her most recent one, have been a hit with followers as Gezary continues to show her bubbly personality.

Gezary’s newest post saw her stomping around in black heels with a beautiful red dress.

She smiled as she walked confidently at night on a well-lit street. Her long-sleeved dress had a midi hem and lace detailing, adding a feminine touch to the bold look.

One reason for Gezary’s social media success has to be her amazing good looks.

Gezary’s toned figure and luscious hair are often focal points of her gorgeous posts.

Another reason for Gezary’s off-the-screen popularity could be the contrast between her fighting persona and her social media accounts.

Gezary hasn’t only been serving looks; she has also become a source of inspiration with heartwarming captions accompanying her posts.

Outside of the octagon, Gezary has become an advocate for body positivity and embracing one’s unique beauty. 

In addition to sharing her positive attitude, the talented martial artist has promoted a whey isolate protein supplement. 

And if drinking the whey protein can offer a fraction of Gezary’s success, the product might be flying off the shelves thanks to her endorsements of the drink.

Gezary Matuda promotes ALLMAX ISOFLEX

Gezary has been a vocal advocate of ALLMAX, an industry-leading supplement company. 

One product, in particular, the whey protein isolate called ISOFLEX, has been a favorite of Gezary’s.

Protein has vital functions, making it very important in the diet of an athlete. ALLMAX ISOFLEX’S whey protein isolate touts a high-concentration of the compound.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Gezary shows love for the product, as she did earlier this month.

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