Gezary Matuda goes glam in cute crop top

Gezary Matsuda close up of face
Celebrating with friends, Gezary Matuda wore a cute cropped top. Pic credit: @GezaryMatuda/Instagram

Gezary Matsuda, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion, sported a cute yellow shirred crop top paired with flared pale wash jeans at an event in Rio de Janeiro.

Spending most of her time in the martial arts outfit of baggy white pants and kimono, she always looks much more glamorous when out with her friends in the evening.

The five-times world champion fell in love with Capoeira and Muay Thai first but after entering a Jiu-Jitsu tournament, decided that was the sport for her.

It wasn’t easy for her though in such a male-dominated sport, and she found it difficult at first to navigate the color belt ranks, usually as the only female student in an academy.

“I know how hard it is to be a girl in jiu-jitsu,” she said, speaking to Jiu-Jitsu Times. “And I just want to make it easier for the next generation. I know that if we lead the way, and create space for them, it’s going to be easier to bring in more and more girls.”

Gezary firmly believes that you can be a tough competitor (her tagline on Instagram is ‘I choke people for fun’) and also be feminine at the same time.

Sometimes she also takes that femininity into the ring, such as wearing an undershirt at the world championships with a red lipstick kiss print on the front and the words “Don’t let the looks fool you!” on the back.

In her latest look, shared in a video to her Instagram Stories, she posed in front of a mirror with her toned midriff on display.

Gezary Matuda wearing crop top
Gezary shows off her incredible abs in a cute smocked top. Pic credit: @GezaryMatuda/Instagram

Gezary loves to party with friends

Her Instagram feed is a mixture of images of Gezary training hard in various different ways and enjoying herself during downtime, although she generally sticks to drinking water.

One of the more unusual ways she trains is to do short dashes forwards and backwards barefoot across the sand alongside games of beach volleyball in Rio.

Her long, dark hair always looks incredibly healthy, reaching almost to her waist, and she often accessorizes it with a beautiful flower above one ear.

In this summer post she shows off her cheeky side, wearing a color blocked pink and orange bikini, a cute bucket hat and round sunglasses, sticking out her tongue for the camera.

The future for Gezary

After going beyond her dreams and achieving all her goals in Jiu-Jitsu, Matuda wants to now pass on her skills and knowledge to empower other young women, particularly to learn self-defense and be able to protect themselves.

“One thing that I always tell people is that everything that makes you happy — go for it. The goals you set in life should not be easy. They should push you to the next level, and you have to believe in yourself. That’s it, nobody else. Only you.”

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