Gezary Matuda glows in gorgeous mirror selfie

Gezary Matuda bikini
Fighter Gezary Matuda rocked a sports bra and showed her bronzed skin and ripped abs for a mirror selfie. Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

Gezary Matuda reminded fans why taking care of your body can pay off tenfold in a recent share.

The Brazilian native’s latest post was a mirror selfie from inside a private residence.

Gezary has managed to maintain a gorgeous glow, even though she made her living from fighting other humans for sport.

Gezary acquired a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and has won numerous championships, including the IBJJF World Championship. She has also earned her place as a highly sought-after instructor, teaching at some of the most respected training schools in the world.

These accomplishments have contributed to the fighter’s 205K Instagram followers on the platform.

Another contributing factor to her large following has been her consistency in sharing positive messages.

Although Gezary’s recent Instagram Story share was wordless, her figure served as fitness goals.

Gezary Matuda in sports bra and spandex shows fit figure

Gezary placed one hand on her hip and held her iPhone in the other as she stood confidently. She wore a pink sports bra with a pink scoop neck and spaghetti straps. She paired the sports bra with simple black spandex, likely her workout attire for the day.

Her luscious dark mane was shiny with loose waves and cascaded to the side, with hair covering one eye.

She looked forward, gazing at her reflection, showing her bare-faced beauty.

gezary matuda sports bra
Pic credit: @gezarymatuda/Instagram

This picture contained no words, only a timestamp, with Gezary letting the photo do the talking.

But Gezary’s posts frequently contain inspirational words.

In fact, Gezary has become a role model for many women inside and outside the Jiu-Jitsu community. As a strong, independent woman who has not been afraid to show off her body or emotion, she has shown that women can have it all.

Gezary Matuda likes Isoflex by Allmax

When Gezary doesn’t have her hands full with grappling or training, she shares her favorite supplements and pre-workout powders that help her get ready to go.

One product that Gezary shared recently was her Isoflex, made by Allmax.

The product is free from Gluten, Soy, Sugar, Fat, and Lactose, ingredients that some in the fitness industry actively avoid.

Isoflex, a Whey isolate protein powder, comes in a variety of different flavors, including chocolate, caramel macchiato, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate peanut butter, to name a few.

Protein powder has numerous benefits, including promoting muscle growth and, possibly, lowering blood pressure.

If Gezary’s body is any indication, Isoflex may do the trick for novice and advanced fitness enthusiasts alike.

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