Georgina Mazzeo makes a stunning Cruella De Vil

Georgina Mazzeo looks stunning as a Villian
Georgina Mazzeo dresses as a Disney favorite. Pic credit: @georginamazzeo/Instagram

Georgina Mazzeo surely turned some heads this Halloween season as she dressed up as one of Disney’s most iconic villains.

The 31-year-old Venezuelan model and influencer certainly enjoyed her spooky evening as she channeled the infamous Cruella De Vil.

Disney’s One Hundred and One Dalmatians is a well-known Disney classic in which many have enjoyed dressing up as Cruella over the years.

However, only so many people have been able to pull off Cruella’s whole aesthetic perfectly, and Georgina did just that this Halloween.

The model was kind enough to gift her four million Instagram followers with the treats as she uploaded an array of show-stopping photographs.

It goes without saying that Georgina certainly didn’t disappoint when it came to giving her fans some jaw-dropping content this Halloween season.

Georgina Mazzeo looks iconic as Cruella De Vil

Even though Cruella De Vil is a Disney villain, she is still well-loved and talked about frequently, and even more so now that Georgina decided to channel her.

Georgina Mazzeo stayed true to the classic colors which Cruella used to wear. However, she added a fun, more revealing twist to the ensemble.

The Venezuelan model was captured wearing a black and white patent leather bodysuit. The colors were split right down the middle, as one side of the suit was black, and the other was white.

The flashy suit also incorporated a mesh design that led right down the middle of her chest until it hit the middle of her torso. To finish it off, the top of her arms had white and black pieces of fur which hung beautifully off her shoulders.

The suit was nothing less of perfect as it hugged her slender physique perfectly, highlighting her tiny waist and long legs.

Georgina styled the bodysuit with a pair of silky red opera gloves, a red choker necklace, and a matching red garter belt which gave the fit a perfect splash of color.

She then wore patent leather over-the-knee boots and paired that with some black fishnet stockings.

Her hair reflected the iconic look of Cruella as it was short and split into two colors right down the middle, half white and half black.

The model’s makeup complemented the overall look of the fit as she wore a smokey black eyeshadow across her lid. She added a splash of bronzer to her cheeks and finished with a perfect bold and bright red lip.

Georgina Mazzeo teams up with Bang Energy

It comes as no surprise that Georgina likes to stay fit and healthy, given her beautiful hourglass shape.

In another recent Instagram post, the model is captured doing some outdoor exercises and training with a friend.

In the short clip, she also expresses her love for Bang Energy, as it helps her stay active and to burn some extra calories where needed.

With an incredibly active lifestyle like hers, it’s not surprising that the model needs a little boost from time to time, especially when it comes time for an intense workout.

Fans came out to show their support as the clip received 76k likes and over 400 loving comments.

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