Georgina Mazzeo is celebrating Scorpio season in a miniskirt and sneakers

Georgina Mazzeo selfie close up
Georgina Mazzeo was seen looking amazing in her miniskirt and toned abs. Pic credit: @georginamazzeo/Instagram

While the fall weather has been making everyone bundle up, Georgina Mazzeo is using the season to show off her toned abs. The model decided to take a picture of her autumn outfit while basking in the Florida sun.  

She posted a photo carousel showing her latest leather outfit, which could be anyone’s style inspiration. 

Georgina was seen wearing a grey cropped top that highlighted her model physique. She paired the top with a cropped leather jacket to keep things seasonally appropriate. To make a matching set, she added a low-rise miniskirt with large pockets and a long zipper that ran from the hem to her waistline.  

For her shoes, she kept them simple and wore white running sneakers.

Georgina accessorized the look with a small vinyl bag. She also added a beaded necklace to complete the look.  

Her makeup was kept very simple for the day. The model focused on highlighting her naturally beautiful features with neutral eyeshadow and no lipstick.  

Georgina Mazzeo shows her fans how to wear a maxi skirt  

While Georgina loves a miniskirt, she knows how to style a long skirt as well. She was seen in her sandy outfit, giving her followers a lesson in style.  

She wore a light brown high-neck cropped top that put her abs on full display. She paired it with a khaki-colored skirt that sat right below her waistline. The skirt was floor length, but she was able to adjust it with a drawstring, so it cut off asymmetrically at her calf. She finished the look with black, white, and yellow sneakers.  

To accessorize, she kept it simple with a black handbag, and a gold necklace tucked slightly behind her shirt.  

She kept her makeup simple with neutral eyeshadow and nude lipstick.  

Georgina Mazzeo already knows what she’s going to be for Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for most people, and Georgina is no exception– the model gave her followers a sneak peek at what she might be for Halloween.  

Georgina was seen in her car posing in a Cat Woman costume. She was in a full-body leather catsuit that was skin-tight. She opened the zipper by the neckline to create a large V-neck.   

To accessorize the outfit, she wears a studded cat mask as well as a silver necklace. 

For her makeup, she wore a neutral eyeshadow with a red bloody lip. 

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