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Georgia Steel in red lingerie is ‘your bad habit’

Georgia Steel at Beauticology x EL&N Cafe launch event at EL&N Cafe, Knightsbridge, London. 15th November 2018.
Georgia Steel flexed her sex appeal, wowing in a fire-engine red lingerie set, complete with a lacy bra, underwear, and mid-section garter belt. Pic credit: ©

United Kingdom television personality Georgia Steel may be well-known for her ITV2 reality series Love Island but the sensual brunette has proven she also knows how to work it on her social media platform.

The Ex on the Beach alum, who was engaged to co-cast member Callum Izzard before the pair split, stunned her fans as she posed wearing a revealing and risque lingerie set.

Appearing to take the three-snap series in a large dressing room or closet, Georgia was the vision of fitness as she seductively rocked pose after pose while giving a view of just about every angle of her sizzling figure.

Georgia Steel sizzles in red lingerie while saying she is ‘your bad habit’

Looking practically doll-like, the 24-year-old stunner first showed off her full front, standing with one leg tilted outward slightly while giving a sultry open-mouthed pout for the camera while holding her phone to the side of her face.

Georgia, who also nabbed a spot as a new cast member on The Challenge last year, creating some drama between herself and some of the older members, next gave essentially the same view of her figure while turning her head to the side.

For her final pose, the star took a sideways snap, standing so that her ample booty could be seen as the dangling garter straps lightly grazed her hips and thighs.

Georgia was accused of having a nose job after appearing to look different

Although highly successful, Georgia’s fame has sometimes gotten her into hot water with eagle-eyed fans who always seem eager to point out when something doesn’t seem to be quite right.

Georgia fell under the scrutinous eyes of her followers just this April, with many of them taking to TikTok to express their speculations about the star undergoing rhinoplasty.

As reported on by The U.K. Sun, Georgia’s fans called out the starlet online, saying she looked nearly unrecognizable and adding their two-cents that she appeared to have gotten a nose job.

“Omg nose job, yes for sure,” said a fan, according to The Sun, while others added their thoughts with “She’s deffo done fillers too. Surgeon was good because she looks different but what and where you can’t figure out,” and “She looks so different. I can’t put my finger on what’s different. Does anyone know?”

While the star never openly admitted to having any such surgery, she did mention in 2020 that she had undergone a “non-surgical” facial procedure, claiming it was merely a skin-tightening treatment.

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