Georgia Rankin: Who is teen on 30 Inches Tall and Turning 18?

Georgia Rankin is a YouTube vlogger
Georgia Rankin is the star of 30 Inches Tall and Turning 18. Pic credit: MakeupJunkieG/YouTube

Georgia Rankin is an extraordinary teenager from Great Britain. Viewers may know who she is from her fabulous YouTube channel, MakeupJunkieG. She is also the star of the documentary, 30 Inches Tall and Turning 18 that will air on the TLC network.

While her story may be unique, Georgia Rankin is a typical teenager. Her life hasn’t been easy and some of the things she has endured may surprise viewers. Despite all of that, Georgia appears to be happy and seems to take her life in stride.

Who is Georgia Rankin?

Simply put, Georgia Rankin is a living miracle. She was diagnosed with tufting enteropathy when she was just a toddler.

This is a serious bowel condition, something that could potentially be deadly. On top of that, Georgia has skeletal dysplasia. It is an incredibly rare condition and has had some lasting effects on her body.

Right now, Georgia Rankin measures two feet and seven inches. She is around the same size as a toddler, making it difficult to do a lot in life.

Aside from that, Georgia uses a wheelchair. This happened because she decided to have her hip ball joints removed. By doing so, it helped to relieve the pain she was suffering from.

Up until this point, Georgia Rankin hasn’t been officially diagnosed. 30 Inches Tall and Turning 18 will follow her through a slew of health and doctor appointments.

She will be coming to America to meet with a specialist in dwarfism. Will she finally get the diagnosis she needs?

YouTube makeup vlogger

With over 477,000 subscribers, Georgia Rankin is a YouTube star in her own right. She vlogs about makeup, things she does, routines she has, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Rankin users the moniker MakeupJunkieG, and her channel hosts plenty of interesting videos.

The documentary aired last year in in England, which allowed her to garner more attention. Georgia had a following but nothing near the numbers she boasts now.

After 30 Inches Tall and Turning 18 airs on TLC, those numbers are expected to climb even more.

Despite all of the chronic pain and challenges life has thrown her way, Georgia Rankin keeps smiling. She is an inspiration to many in her fan base and after tonight, probably many more.

30 Inches Tall and Turning 18 airs Monday January 14, 2019, at 9/8c on TLC.

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