Georgia May Jagger stuns as a sexy Little Bo Peep for Halloween fun

Georgia May Jagger turns heads at a 2016 Thomas Sabo event. Pic credit: © Xu/ACE Pictures

Georgia May Jagger looks incredible in her new Halloween costume.

This year, she dressed up as Litte Bo Peep and did so in style.

She wore a white ruffled mini dress with a black corset hugging her fit waist.

The model paired it with a blue gingham hat that ties a pink ribbon across her head and a white pole as a character prop. She also wore lace fingerless gloves and white stockings with black bows.

Her rosy eyeshadow look was done by makeup artist Lilly Keys, who has also worked with popular influencers, Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae.

Georgia has shown an amazing fashion sense, from wearing busty tank tops to sheer gowns.

Georgia May Jagger’s recent runway

Last month, Georgia made another runway appearance which was for her close friend Elizabeth Hilfinger and her clothing brand Foo and Foo.

The model posed with the designer in a dark blue tank top and matching tracksuit pants. She complemented the look with a light brown hat and white shoes.

Georgia wore nearly knee-high silver boots and a black minidress for the show, showing off her toned legs.

Her dewy makeup look was done by celebrity hairstylist Tracy Alfajora, who has also worked with Ashley Graham.

She even shared a photo with fellow model Bella Hadid, who wore an all-blue outfit for her appearance in the fashion show.

Georgia May Jagger’s skincare

Georgia is a big fan of skincare. In fact, she recently revealed that she is developing a collection of her own.

She opened up about her experience with her own skin and shared a little bit more about her upcoming company.

In an interview with Byrdie, she said, “I’ve actually been, as a labor of love, creating my own skincare. We’re not quite ready yet—but, it’s called May and it’s all-natural and organic. It came about because I’m allergic to so many things and I’m so interested in the skincare world.”

The model also shared her current go-to skincare products. “I’m completely obsessed with all kinds of skincare. I love Dr. Barbara Sturm’s stuff, Osea, and Living Libations. They’re really amazing. And I love this company called Isun, they have really nice masks and moisturizers.”

Georgia has not given a date on when her skincare line will release yet. She is also currently the co-owner of the hair salon Bleach London.

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