Georgia May Jagger is gorgeous in sequined dress for Vogue

Georgia May Jagger shows of natural-looking makeup.
Georgia May Jagger shows off her blonde hair. Pic credit: @georgiamayjagger/Instagram

Georgia May Jagger has a lot going on when it comes to her career as a model.

She’s been professionally posing for big names and designer labels over the years, proving that she belongs in the industry.

Whether Georgia is strutting down runways, posing for magazine photo shoots, or simply creating content for social media, she looks absolutely fabulous.

She recently shared a picture on her Instagram Story that looks both edgy and artistic at the same time.

In the artsy shot, she wore something that gave off pure 80s vibes while also providing some modern flair for fashionistas today.

In a separate photo thread shared by the model, she gave her followers a close-up glimpse at her gorgeous face while she was in the middle of representing a major brand.

She even showed the world what things look like behind the scenes when she isn’t professionally striking a pose in front of cameras.

Georgia May Jagger looks ravishing in a pink dress

Georgia posted a picture on her Instagram Story wearing a sparkling pink dress that looked perfect for a New Year’s Eve or bachelorette party celebration.

Since the pink dress was covered in glittery material from top to bottom, it was super attention-grabbing. The spaghetti straps on the dress looked fabulous over her shoulders.

Georgia May Jagger poses for a stunning photo.
Georgia May Jagger models a sparkly pink dress. Pic credit: @georgiamayjagger/Instagram

She also wore a matching pink purse that was almost just as shiny.

Georgia went with a simple necklace for her main accessory and rocked her hair in a black and blonde striped bob-cut style. She shouted out @voguemagazine, @isamayabeauty, and @bleachlondon at the bottom of the photo.

Georgia May Jagger looks amazing in Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most elite brands that a model can sign with, and Georgia recently posted a picture shouting out the brand while wearing a black top with sections of fabric cut out.

The collar of the top was lined with silver buttons that she left undone. She was in the process of getting her hair professionally done with some strands being pulled away from her face into a curling iron by a hairstylist.

She stared into the camera with a sultry facial expression showing off her natural-looking makeup. She was wearing eyebrow tint, a little bit of mascara, sleek lines of eyeliner, foundation, and some nude lipstick.

If she was wearing some highlighter or blush, it was an incredibly light amount. In the second picture from her Tommy Hilfiger photo thread, she shared what it looked like behind the scenes at a shoot while wearing a warm white robe with a face mask for skincare benefits pressed on.

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