George Peterson bodybuilder death: Coach expresses shock at sudden death aged 37

George Peterson on Instagram
The cause of George Peterson’s death currently remains unknown. Pic credit: @georgep_dabull/Instagram

Fans of bodybuilder George Peterson have been shocked to learn of his sudden death this week at the age of just 37.

The New Yorker’s death came to light on Wednesday (Oct. 6), and the sudden nature of his death appears to have taken not just fans but those close to him totally by surprise.

According to Barbend, Peterson was busy preparing for the 2021 Mr. Olympia event in Orlando, Florida, due to take place this weekend. He reportedly passed away while in his room in Orlando.

The circumstances of the death were revealed on Wednesday night by Peterson’s friend and coach Justin Miller, who posted a lengthy tribute and explanation as to what happened on Instagram.

In an understandably emotionally charged post, Miller wrote that he was “in shock,” “scared,” “sad,” “freaked out,” and “completely devasted.” He continued by writing that “George looked amazing! Felt amazing!”

Miller further stated that Peterson had seemed energetic, strong, and mentally focused: “The best version of George at any contest both mentally and physically I have ever seen.”

He then explained that at around noon yesterday, he had struggled to reach Peterson and later found he wasn’t opening his room door. A security guard opened the door, and they found the bodybuilder lying dead on the floor. He further explained that paramedics conducted CPR, but sadly, to no avail. The paramedics said he had already been gone for hours.

Miller speculated that it may have been a heart attack or a stroke, but also said: “We don’t know and won’t know until his autopsy is completed.”

He finished the post by asking fans to “please be respectful of this great man and his family… Please keep his soul and his family in your prayers.”

Bodybuilder George Peterson posted to Instagram shortly before he died

Peterson was very active on Instagram, and not long before he passed away, he posted another one of his advice-laden videos. In this one, he advised folks on how soon to eat after a workout.

Understandably, there was a flood of condolences in the comments section. Bikini International winner Angelica Teixeira wrote: “My friend I can’t believe we have to say good bye. You will be missed.” And fellow bodybuilder Kwame Duah wrote: “Rest In Peace brother.”

Fans of George Peterson were quick to pay tribute

Fans on Twitter were quick to pay tribute and send condolences. One fan wrote: “R.I.P. George Peterson. One of the most positive people in the IFBB, I got devastated as soon as I heard it. Was an amazing 212 and classic competitor. My condolences to his family.”

And another fan stated: “We just lost George Peterson, days before the Olympia this weekend. I can’t even right now. This is just shocking.”

Rest in peace, Geroge Peterson.

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