Genie Bouchard models New Balance activewear

Genie Bouchard stuns in a selfie.
Genie Bouchard wears New Balance for promo. Pic credit: @geniebouchard/Instagram

Genie Bouchard looked in incredible shape as she modeled a new set from New Balance. 

The tennis star posed for two selfies in the activewear ensemble. 

The Canadian tennis pro has a significant social media following, which has attracted numerous endorsement deals. 

She signed a new deal with New Balance and recently modeled shoes from the sports brand. 

In the first snap, she planted one hand on the wall and showed a full view of the crop top and matching shorts, which came in primarily black with orange and white color waves. 

She accessorized the look with just a gold bracelet as it appeared she was ready for a workout. 

Eugenie Bouchard poses for New Balance.
Eugenie Bouchard models New Balance in a selfie. Pic credit: @geniebouchard/Instagram

In the second snap, Genie took attention away from her face to reveal a full view of the New Balance ensemble and wrote that she is “obsessed” with the outfit. 

Eugenie Bouchard in New Balance.
Eugenie Bouchard promotes New Balance. Pic credit: @geniebouchard/Instagram

Genie Bouchard goes for a gym workout on hump day

Genie let her Instagram followers know she is working in the gym on Wednesdays. 

In an Instagram share, the tennis pro shared snaps of her workout routine. 

She is dressed in a pink crop top and shorts in a darker shade of the same color. 

In the first photo, Genie can be seen with a resistance rope while balancing on her forearm on a bench. 

She appeared to be performing a bicep exercise in the second snap and dropped down for kettlebell squats in the third slide. 

In the final picture, Genie appeared to be enjoying the workout as she flashed a huge smile while looking into the distance. 

Genie Bouchard opened up about her diet and career

In an interview with Elle Canada, she opened up about her daily routine as a professional athlete. 

When asked about her daily routine, she responded, “I spend most of my time on the tennis court. I wake up at 8 and eat eggs for the protein, fruits, and orange juice. Then I hit the tennis court for two hours working mainly on my technique,” she said, continuing: 

“After lunch, I spend about another two hours on the tennis court before heading to the gym. As a tennis player, I have to work on my strength and cardio. I find the game of tennis has become more physical, and players are spending more time at the gym.”

She also told the outlet she eats a lot of carbs and enjoys dining on Italian food. 

With most of her time spent training for tennis, Genie can get away with eating more carbs than the average person without gaining weight with her cardio-intensive lifestyle. 

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