Genie Bouchard is playful for post-workout mirror selfie

genie bouchard face
Genie Bouchard strikes a pose in the mirror from the locker room. Pic credit: @geniebouchard/Instagram

Tennis star Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard was working on her fitness and snapping a picture earlier this week.

The star has appeared to keep a positive attitude, especially when considering her difficult January.

Earlier this month, she lost a qualifying round at the Australian Open against American tennis player Ashlyn Krueger. The loss was just the latest in a series of setbacks that have plagued the athlete.

Genie burst on the tennis scene in 2012 and advanced to the Wimbledon finals in 2014. The Montreal native was believed to be the next big thing in tennis, but a shoulder injury dashed her dreams. Although she has continued to compete, she has never returned to her 2014 Wimbledon finals status.

But just because she hasn’t qualified for Wimbledon again doesn’t mean she has given up her dreams.

In a recent Instagram Stories post, Genie posed in a locker room, rocking a black two-piece spandex set. Genie shared the expressive post for her 2.4 million fans, showing a look at her playful side, off the court.

Genie Bouchard gets playful in locker room with New Balance

In Genie’s recent post, she stuck out her tongue as she captured her reflection in the mirror with her iPhone.

She rocked a dark gray sports top and spandex shorts and carried a New Balance bag. The Canadian beauty’s blonde hair was straight and down, and she was bare-faced and beautiful.

Behind Genie, there were wooden lockers and tiling leading to the showers. There was also a comfy-looking blue couch and a bench directly in front of the mirror.

genie bouchard sports bag
Pic credit: @geniebouchard/Instagram

Genie has remained committed to the sport she has loved so deeply for years.

Genie Bouchard talks diet and exercise

During the height of Genie’s buzz, she spoke with Elle about her daily routine. She revealed, at the time, that she woke up and ate a well-balanced meal before exercising for hours, on and off the court.

Genie detailed her first meal, revealing, “I wake up at 8 and eat eggs for the protein, fruits, and orange juice.”

Next, it was time for work, and Genie’s office was on the tennis court.

Genie continued, “Then I hit the tennis court for two hours, working mainly on my technique. After lunch, I spend about another two hours on the tennis court before heading to the gym.”

She explained, “As a tennis player, I have to work on my muscle and cardio. I find the game of tennis has become more physical, and players are spending more time at the gym.”

Although Genie hasn’t maintained her world ranking, her attitude has stayed at a champion level.

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