Genie Bouchard in pink bikini highlights ‘amazing summer’

Genie Bouchard feature
Tennis star Genie Bouchard is back in action after recovering from a shoulder injury. Pic credit: @geniebouchard/Instagram

Genie Bouchard celebrates an amazing summer as she stuns in a pink bikini.

The 28-year-old recently returned to form in tennis after a shoulder injury had her out of the game for about 17 months.

During her absence, the Canadian athlete dropped out of the ranking in May before making a comeback at the Vancouver Open.

Eugenie has been on the comeback trail, slowly climbing back up the rankings, and currently sits at 463.

The tennis star looks healthy and happy in her recent bikini photo, which she shared with her 2.3 million Instagram followers.

She struck a pose looking toned and ready as she prepares for the Translyviania Open.

“Had the most amazing summer. Appreciate everyone who was a part of it 🥹🫶🏼,” she wrote in the caption of the photo with a picturesque backdrop.

Genie Bouchard never considered retirement

The landscape of professional women’s tennis has changed a great deal since Bouchard was forced to tend to a shoulder injury.

She opened up about her shoulder injury and explained why she never considered retiring from the competitive sport.

“It was a very long process, having surgery and doing rehab,” she stated during an on-court interview, per WTA Tennis, continuing:

“I never had to do anything like that in my career before. Every athlete at some point in their career has a bad injury, and I made it to age 27 without a surgery, and then I had two.”

“It never crossed my mind to stop. I always want to stop on my own terms, and I did not want to be forced to stop because of an injury. Now I am at the very beginning of my journey of coming back, and hopefully, I have many more years of this.”

The stunning Canadian has earned over $6 million in prize money, and her celebrity status has helped her attract lucrative sponsorship deals.

Genie Bouchard pays tribute to Serena Williams

Tennis legend Serena Williams took part in her last professional tournament at the 2022 US Open last month and announced her retirement.

In Williams’s almost three-decade career, she won 23 Grand Slams and four Olympic gold medals and left an impression on Bouchard.

Genie, who played against the legend several times over the years, paid tribute on Instagram, thanking Williams for her mentorship and kindness.

“I’m so grateful I got to be on the same court as you. Even though I lost every time. You showed me what it means to fight, on and off the court. Ever since we met, you’ve always been so nice to me. Thank you, Serena 💕.”

Eugenie Bouchard is set to join this year’s Transylvania Open WTA250.

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