Genie Bouchard flexes biceps for bodybuilding session

Genie Bouchard.
Eugenie Bouchard showed gym progress in fun photos. Pic credit: © Vas/Featureflash

Genie Bouchard flexed her muscle gains in new photos from a visit to a gym. 

The 29-year-old frequently shares her workouts as she continues to mount a comeback in tennis after 17-month hiatus from a shoulder injury. The Canadian star has remained positive after failing to qualify for the main draw of the 2023 Australian Open.

In a series of photos, Genie rocked an animal print crop top and shorts, which featured several white alphabets in print. 

The New Balance athlete went make-up-free and flexed her biceps with a soft smile in the first snap. 

Genie did her best impression of bodybuilding’s “most muscular pose” in the second and third photos of the Instagram share. 

In the caption, Genie made her intentions clear, writing, “Bodybuilding ?.”

Although Genie is not a bodybuilder, she lifts heavy weights as part of her exercise regimen for tennis. 

Genie Bouchard shows her lower-body workout routine

Genie showed her incredible strength with a glimpse into her workout routine with personal trainer Ben Bruno. 

In the video, Genie did resistance training focused on developing lower body power. 

“Here’s some awesome lower body training from @geniebouchard. This is super impressive stuff. Love the work! Please listen to the voiceover for the exercise explanations,” Ben wrote in the caption of the video. 

Bruno praised Genie’s posture and balance in the video and emphasized the focus on hip strength for athletes. 

Genie is seen performing heavyweight deadlifts with a staggered stance before doing the challenging walking hip hinge. 

She transitions into lateral lunges before performing walking lateral squats with perfect form, breaking the gym record with a 90-pound weight. 

The athlete is seen using a resistance band to perform eccentric-emphasis lateral split squats and trap bar jumps.

Genie Bouchard wore New Balance for a beach day

Genie showed she could wear her New Balance fit on any occasion in a series of photos from the Christmas holidays.

When the tennis star spent time in Dubai, she wore a crop top and shorts from the brand. 

Genie signed with New Balance in 2021 in a multi-year sponsorship. 

She shared several photos from the picturesque beach, spreading her arms and flashing a smile in the first snap. 

The beauty enjoyed a watermelon drink in the second photo and proved she is focused on work too during the holiday season in the fifth snap from a tennis court.

In the final snap of the Instagram share, Genie put her feet in the water as she enjoyed the views. 

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