Genie Bouchard celebrates birthday in Tulum with twin sister

eugenie bouchard at WTA Pre-Wimbledon Party 2015
Eugenie Bouchard at a WTA Pre-Wimbledon Party at Kensignton Roof Gardens, London. Pic credit: © Norton / Featureflash

While some may use the term “twinning” to show how identical two people’s outfits are, tennis star Genie Bouchard was legitimately twinning with her actual twin sister, Beatrice, during a birthday excursion to Tulum.

The twin sisters struck a pose for a gorgeous photo taken in Mexico. Genie, born “Eugenie,” wore an all-white bikini showing her trim midsection, long arms, and slender legs.

Beatrice opted for a stunning animal-print swimsuit and stood chest to chest with her twin sister while also keeping a hand touching Genie’s hand and leg. Genie also kept one leg bent and crossed over one of her sister’s bent legs.

The twins both had straw hats on, with their long blonde hair flowing and smirks on their faces. Genie had several bracelets on one arm for accessories, as did Beatrice, who also wore a visible ring.

The festive photo also featured pink and white balloons above and below the sisters. “Happy Birthday,” “Bea,” and “Genie” was in capital gold balloon letters behind them, along with some gorgeous outdoor scenery, including green foliage, a hammock, and sand.

“Celebrating our bday together for the first time in 8 years,” the tennis star wrote in her caption, adding a surprised face emoji.

The Instagram post also included a second shot. Upon swiping on it, viewers see an adorable photo of the two twin sisters as babies giving each other a look as they lay on a blanket at a beach.

As of this writing, Genie’s latest IG share had picked up over 22,000 likes to go with 280-plus comments to celebrate the special occasion.

The twin sisters were born to investment banker Michel Bouchard and Julie Leclai on February 25, 1994. A 2014 Telegraph report says the couple named their daughters after Prince Andrew’s daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice of York.

Genie Bouchard’s tennis status

The Canadian tennis star began last year rehabbing a shoulder injury, which caused her to miss the 2022 Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon tournaments. She also lost her ranking due to the injury and absences from these tournaments.

By June, she revealed her comeback to the sport. She appeared on the court after 17 months away, suffering a loss to Arianne Hartono in straight sets at the Vancouver Open.

Czech 4th seed Linda Noskova eliminated Genie from qualifying for that year’s US Open in straight sets. However, she returned to form as a wildcard at the Chennai Open and advanced to the quarterfinals, which helped her regain a rank, albeit at No. 502 overall.

Tennis fans last saw Genie compete during January’s Australian Open 2023. Unfortunately, she lost in a qualification match by a score of 6-1, 1-6, 6-4 to Ashlyn Krueger. As of this writing, she’s below 300 for the WTA rankings.

Genie Bouchard revealed workout in 2022

Tennis may not involve the physical contact that sports like football or basketball require, but plenty of cardio, agility, and strength are still necessary for the game. Genie revealed a TikTok video in June 2022 as she performed various moves at the gym to work on those aspects as she returned from injury.

Genie’s clip is set to the popular Elvis song from Doja Cat as Genie is shown performing repetitions of various exercises. Those include bent-over rows with a dumbbell, tricep pushdowns at a machine, and single-arm pulldowns at a machine to focus on abs.

She includes cardio, and agility work in the routine, as the TikTok video, shows Genie doing side-to-side drills, sprints, and even pushing a weight sled across the indoor field.

Genie has fallen far since her 2014 days when she became WTA’s Most Improved Player and ranked No. 5 in women’s tennis. As of this writing, she’s dropped below 300, per WTA Tennis. However, that is unlikely to deter her from training to remain healthy and get back among the best.

For now, the Canadian tennis star will reflect on her 29 years of life as she celebrates her birthday with her twin sister for the first time in many years.

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