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Gavin McHugh: Who is the actor behind Christopher Diaz on 9-1-1?

Ryan Guzman and Gavin McHugh as Eddie and Christopher Diaz
Eddie Diaz is raising Christopher Diaz alone on 9-1-1. Pic credit: FOX

9-1-1 returned just a few weeks ago with a brand new season and some new faces as well. Instantly, fans were drawn to the new firefighter, Eddi?e Diaz who was a single father of a special needs son. It looked like this may have been a one-off sighting, but it turns out that is not the case.

Gavin McHugh was cast in the role of Christopher Diaz. He is the special needs son of Eddie and has made quite an impression on the other firefighters and EMTs at the firehouse. Who knew that this role would open up the door to discussing cerebral palsy?

Being on the set of 9-1-1 has made Gavin McHugh incredibly happy and it has even prompted him to ask to be called Christopher all of the time, not just when he is filming the show. This opportunity has given him something to look forward to and everyone he encounters appears to be inspired by his story.

When he was just two and a half, Gavin McHugh was adopted from Riga, Latvia. He has four older siblings, something he enjoys tremendously. His fall into acting was accidental, but he has booked several gigs after being “discovered” while his siblings were being taken to auditions.

Most of the work Gavin McHugh has done has been commercials with the exception of 9-1-1. Not only has he managed to get a lot of work for himself but also for his family who has been included in several shoots done for various brands and organizations.

The role of Christopher Diaz isn’t one anyone expected, but after the last few episodes, he is a big hit with the fan base. This role is an opportunity to showcase his abilities and to bring awareness to cerebral palsy, two things that are already happening with Gavin’s run on 9-1-1.

Gavin McHugh appears to enjoy his time spent with the other actors on the show and there will be more of him seen in episodes to come.

9-1-1 airs Monday nights at 9/8c on FOX.

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