Garrett Hilbert from Dude Perfect dead? Death hoax claims he died in a car accident

Garrett Hilbert and Zac Efron.
Garrett Hilbert from Dude Perfect (right) photographed with actor Zac Efron (left). Pic credit: @garretthilbert/Instagram

Several social media users have come across news websites claiming that Garrett Hilbert from Dude Perfect died in a car accident.

However, it appears that the YouTube sensation is another celebrity targeted in a death hoax.

YouTube videos and social media links claiming to provide more information about the fake news leads unsuspecting users to phishing websites.

YouTube video player

These links will redirect users to websites asking for their username and password.

Garrett may be unaware that he has been targeted in a death hoax. He was last active on Instagram in April.

His comment section on his latest photo has several condolences from fans and bots.

Screenshot from Garrett Hilber's IG.
Pic credit: Instagram/garretthilbert

Dude Perfect death hoax sweep social media

Many social media users questioned whether the fake news claiming Garrett is dead is legit.

“Why am I seeing videos of people asking if Garrett from Dude perfect died? This better not be true,” one user tweeted.

Screenshot questioning if Garrett has died.
Pic credit: @KingSuperman19/Twitter

Another added, “Is it true that Garrett from dude perfect died in a car accident? Where did this come from?”

Screenshot questioning if Garrett has died.
Pic credit: @mason_wengert03/Twitter

A skeptic concluded that it is fake news, tweeting: “Yeah, I’m fairly certain this Garrett Hilbert death thing is a hoax.”

Another screenshot questioning if Garrett had died.
Pic credit: @Badskwall/Twitter

A social media user paid tribute to Garrett unknowingly falling victim to a celebrity death hoax: “R.I.P to Garrett Hilbert one of the original 5 dude perfect members. Garrett was found dead after a fatal car crash. He will be missed by the millions of fans and friends but missed most by the other 4 members of dude perfect, his wife, and his 2 sons and his daughter.”

Who is Garrett Hilbert from Dude Perfect?

Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass | Official Documentary

Garrett Hilbert is one of the co-founders of the popular entertainment group Dude Perfect.

Hilbert and twins Cory and Coby Cotton, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney are former college roommates at Texas A&M University.

Their YouTube channel has over 56 million subscribers, with their recent videos averaging about 5 to 17 million views. Their channel consists of family-oriented content, challenges, and basketball trick shots.

Garrett Hilbert is alive

Garrett Hilbert is still alive but has not responded to the death hoax.

The Dude Perfect official Instagram and Twitter accounts have not acknowledged the hoax when writing this report. Furthermore, there would have been an announcement of his passing if the news had been accurate.

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7 months ago

So Garrett Hilbert didn’t die ?