Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner speaks out over violence against women

Immaculée, and Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner (R) with survivor of the Rwandan Genocide Immaculée. Cr. Sophie Turner/Instagram

Sophie Turner, the actress who plays Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, has been speaking out about violence and sexual harassment against women.

Turner first became involved in the charity Women for Women UK after there was an outcry over a rape scene in Game of Thrones involving her character.

The actress now does what she can to support and has been traveling to war torn countries like Rwanda in Africa, where she has been meeting with victims of violence and sexual attacks. She posted a photo of a woman named Imaculée who had been held prisoner, beaten and raped. The woman still has terrible scars from machete blows to her head and no doubt deep emotional ones.

Turner wrote that it “was a devastating reminder that we have a duty to make sure voices such as Immaculée’s are heard.”

Fans of the actress were also supportive of her efforts replying to her Instagram post with “This is so powerful! Thank you for using your voice to shine light on such serious issues!” and “You are a true light in this world.”

If you are interested in supporting the charity then now is a good time as between between 29th November and midnight on 5th December any donations made will be matched by some donors who also support Women for Women International UK.

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