Gal Gadot talks Dior fashion in Paris

Gal Gadot close up
Gal Gadot looked stunning in a black lace dress as she attended the Dior fashion show. Pic credit: © Hasegawa /

Gal Gadot lived out every little girl’s dream as she got to play dress-up while in Paris, France for the Dior Autumn-Winter 2023-2024 fashion show.

The Wonder Woman star was filmed talking about choosing a dress for the show, explaining her choice of shoes as well. She later walked out of her hotel and was seen on her way to the show, having her picture taken outside, and later giving her opinion on the whole thing.

Gal sat at a table full of delectable fruits all exquisitely prepared by a professional and a cappuccino with a little Eiffel Tower decorated in the foam.

She talked about her love for the City of Lights and claimed she was spoiling herself with lots of treats. She told the camera, “Today, I spoil myself because when in Paris you have to have all these goodies.”

Not only was her breakfast absolutely superb, but she ate on intricate china, and sat in a luxurious room decorated with big blue curtains, and antique furniture.

Gal was already wearing the dress she picked for the Dior show, a see-through black lace number that was long-sleeved and tight at the top with a flowing silhouette at the bottom, giving her the look of a princess. She wore a black bra underneath, adding an edgy feel.

She paired the dress with a pair of chunky black boots, saying it was actually the first pair she tried on, and that’s what she stuck with.

Gal wore the boots to give the dress a further edgier vibe, and to be more comfortable. She said, “I’m a big believer that you’re most beautiful when you’re comfortable, so with these, I feel extremely strong and I love it.”

In an interview after the Dior show the Heart of Stone star had only great things to say, claiming she loved the color palette, as well as the wool dresses and skirts.

Gal Gadot attended the Dior Autumn-Winter fashion show

Gal is a big fan of Maria Grazia, the creative director of Dior, and posed with her backstage after the show.

She shared the picture of the pair to Instagram, and thanked her in the caption, writing, “Thanks for having me @dior @mariagraziachiuri ✨.”

Gal wore Dior makeup to the show, including her favorite Glow Oil

The actress was photographed for Elle magazine before the show, and she mentioned some of her favorite beauty products from Dior.

She shared some of her “touch-up and beauty essentials,” including the Diorshow Mascara, which costs $29.50.

There are nine different mascaras available from Dior, including the Blackout and Overcurl, with all of them costing the same price.

Gal said her favorite product is the Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil costing $40.

The product comes in eight different colors, and it looks as if Gal went for the 007 Raspberry.

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