Gal Gadot radiates beauty in pink rope bikini for beach day

Gal Gadot face
Gal Gadot enjoys a well-deserved vacation. Pic credit: © F. Sadou/AdMedia

Gal Gadot is enjoying a well-deserved vacation with friends and documenting her experiences on social media.

For Gal’s latest share, she was all smiles in a stylish and colorful ensemble, including a bikini and trendy shirt.

The Wonder Woman star has been posting up a storm on her Instagram, where her 95.7 million followers have received a ton of tropical content.

The actress posted a four-part Instagram carousel that had both videos and pictures.

The Snow White queen received 900,000 likes for her delightful share.

The first picture showed a smiling Gal with her hand on her face while seated in a wooden chair on the beach.

Gal Gadot soaks up the sun in paradise

Gal sported a stylish pink bikini with a rope that tied around her neck and wrapped around her waist. She placed a long-sleeve yellow shirt over the bikini with breathable material suited for the beach.

Her hair was pulled away from her face in a high ponytail, and she donned aviator sunglasses to protect her eyes from harmful UV rays.

A swipe right showed the view from paradise as Gal recorded a lone sailor who navigated their boat in the ocean. The ocean waves propelled the sailor, which seemed to intrigue Gal.

Another picture saw Gal making a silly face and gesture while blowing a kiss.

Gal let the photos do the talking, opting for a pineapple emoji caption.

Although it may be hard to believe — Gal is actually a noodle lover. One of the reasons for her noodle love is her recently launched business endeavor, Goodles.

Gal Gadot creates the brand Goodles

Gal launched Goodles, a clean pre-packaged meal with extra nutrients.

Gal didn’t create just mac and cheese, however. As one might expect, her Goodle products provide an elevated macaroni experience.

For example, the Goodles Down the Hatch flavor has targeted adults, with a spicy taste, thanks to green chile.

Another flavor, cleverly titled Shella Good, has aged cheddar and shells with prebiotics, fiber, and protein.

Those who don’t consume animal products can try Vegan Is Believin’, with cashews used to provide a cheesy substitute.

Recently, Gal unveiled a brand new mac and cheese flavor with a delectable truffle flavor, which is sure to make mouths water.

Gal’s caption for the launch read, “Here comes…. Truffle! 🌈 So excited to share this new delicious @allgoodles Mac, launching tomorrow! Can’t wait for you to try it, it is so truffly and goodley, you will love it 😍 — ‏GG, Founding Partner.”

Fans can purchase Goodles on the brand’s website, with orders coming in denominations of 4 or 12 with a one-time price of $15.96. Thrifty fans who decide to subscribe can save, earning 15 percent off for a price of $13.57.

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